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New Trumpeter Kilo 1:144 Build

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  • Click image for larger version

Name:	images (16).jpeg
Views:	95
Size:	28.3 KB
ID:	148265 when are you going to put her in the water?
    Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


    • Working on Trims in trimming tank today, fingers crossed!


      • Trimming is close, need to raise the stern a bit. Click image for larger version

Name:	9F5A9AB8-C37D-4E49-810D-3D3CB6D87020.jpeg
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Size:	68.8 KB
ID:	148295


        • Actually, submerged trim is next and I won’t raise the stern as after submerge she is level. Since I driver her in salt water she will sit a bit higher surfaced.


          • One note, yesterday I exprienced a small water leak. After re greasing the O’rings still leaked. Today I removed the O’rings and discovered one was dabbed with what seemed to be a tiny bit of adhesive…. I removed what I could, re greased and all seems good now. I will be replacing with a new seal to be safe. No electronic damage was incurred.


            • She is fully trimmed, surprisingly stable, we shall see when she is transported to my sub compound……. Click image for larger version

Name:	AD0B2D8E-A124-430E-A1EC-927B4EDB6453.jpeg
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Size:	80.6 KB
ID:	148382


              • Meanwhile, time to paint. Will be using an Airbrush for the first time!


                • Beautiful build! Looking forward to wet-trials.

                  I like to point out that the 2.4GHz is suitable for both fresh and salt water. The more I play with the high frequency radios, the more I like them. My latest Vanguard build will have a 2.4 system in it.



                  • Thanks Bob! It feels really good to be using 2.4GHz. So many options available for failsafes, trimming and ability to monitor onboard battery info. Your conversion info using RG-178 coax has been my bible and was spot on!! I cannot thank you, David and others enough for tutoring me as I have progressed in this new hobby wonderful hobby.


                    • For you Bob, the 1.25” antenna : Click image for larger version

Name:	BC048FF7-9E97-4824-A99D-4947C88045DC.jpeg
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Size:	63.1 KB
ID:	148492


                      • I created a groove in the dive planes cradle to hold the lighting and antenna wires to rest in place against the cylinder Click image for larger version

Name:	9763355D-4325-4D1A-B631-BAC944C6CAF2.jpeg
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Size:	70.6 KB
ID:	148494


                        • External battery? Doesn't the RCshipyard WTC already have provisions for 2 pairs of 18650 batteries, 2 for the pump and 2 for the drive motors/ servos?
                          Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


                          • No external batteries, out of curiosity why did you think that I indicated that?


                            • I don't know, maybe the RED and BLACK wires?
                              Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


                              • Oh, those are for the LED navigation and rudder lights