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How To Adapt The 'New' 2.4gHz Gear To R/C Submarines

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    Hi David and Bob.

    Yes I admit The Tx was right on the side of the pool and probably about half a meter from the cylinder. I then pushed the cylinder half a meter down, tip of antenna in a piece of foam floating. Walked to other side of pool and tested, Works really well, Thankyou David for writing up the instructions. Bob I remember you mentioned a while back that when your boat dips beneath PD you hardly notice and have solid reception. I am really looking forward to seeing how this runs in U 23 early next year and excited about the extra functionality of the receiver, ( dialing in failsafe functions).

    Dave H


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      Well, I have been having issues with my 75mHz Kilo and it prevented me from running for multiple meets. I decided to try 2.4 and I have to say I really like it. I have no issues with control from very long distances and I even get control from 20m away a couple of centimeters under the surface. The boat has a slightly positive buoyancy anyway so I think its an ideal solution.


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        Are you using a stock 2.4gHz rx or one that has been modifified?
        Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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          I took the stock receiver and removed one antenna and replaced with a long coax as detailed in the instructions. It worked perfectly. Here is the link to the transmitter and receiver.

          Here is the type of cable I used;
          ​​​​​​Mini RG59 Coax Cable - BC- Black - Per FT SKU: 80-523-910 BK from showmecables

          The wire was a little thicker than I thought but worked very well.
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            Option for extending the antennae coaxial cable from the receiver.
            Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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              If anyone need help, soldering a long extension antenna. I can help. PM me.