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How To Adapt The 'New' 2.4gHz Gear To R/C Submarines

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    Originally posted by Bob Gato View Post
    It is really dependent on the coax cable that you are using the small cable that typically is used in submarines is more attenuating but this should give you an idea...

    ​​​​A common, relatively inexpensive cable for short runs to a Wi-Fi antenna is LMR100. At 2.4 GHz (the common Wi-Fi band), 15 feet of LMR100 will result in a signal loss of about 6 dB. That is equivalent to dropping power down to just about 25 percent of what it was (each 3 dB equals a 50 percent gain or loss in power).Jun 12, 2016

    It's all on the internet-just ask Google.
    Thanks this is the type of technical information I need, I am not good at electronics at all, not in radio signals, and loss over cable.
    I have bought this coax cable ( 28AWG UL1185, copper wire structure 7/0.12 tinned copper wire, winding 20/0.1 tinned copper wire, outer diameter: 2.3mm). I don't know what all these numbers mean. I just know AWG is the diameter in american standards.
    Can anybody tell me if this is suitable for carrying 2.4GHz signal and for how long without too much signal loss??

    That would be absolutely marvellous! thanks a lot!

    This is the coax cable:


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      Originally posted by RCJetDude View Post
      I am going to give this a try on my current Ohio project. So much excellent information here by David and Ed. Thank you gentlemen.
      Are you going to try 2,4GHz float type antenna too!??


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        Originally posted by MakeHobbyRC View Post

        Are you going to try 2,4GHz float type antenna too!??
        No. Just going to put the antenna up the periscope.


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          Originally posted by RCJetDude View Post

          No. Just going to put the antenna up the periscope.
          Ah right cool! might be easier. I might not get it to work at all... let's see... That's how I started building the ANTENNA FLOAT :


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            Well that's not going to friend... it's model submarines and you are in over your head..I strongly suggest that you reread the many threads on extending 2.4 antennas.