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In search of, micro LED's

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  • In search of, micro LED's

    I'm looking for micro size LED's, say about 1mm diameter, that light 360 degrees. To be used as the flashing submarine beacon light, which will flash for 3 seconds, then off for 3 seconds. I'll be using it with a Bluno Beetle circuit board. Frank Salerno has some on his Seaview but they don't seem to be available. He mentioned check RC car or truck sites. I looked at Litz LED's but most I saw are 120 degree, not the 360 I want.

    See this post about it. Ed posted the code for the beetle.

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    Check out -
    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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      Those are surface mount LED's Tom. Would only light in one direction.


      • #4
        Agreed, so mount the led facing up, put a clear styrene rod on top of that, drill a cone on top of styrene, fill with silver paint.
        If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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          Have you taken a look at Digikey to see what they have? I wonder if fiber optic strands could work? Sometimes those cheap miniature Christmas trees use them to imitate miniature bulbs but the strands may not produce the illumination your looking for around the fiber strands circumference.



          • #6
            A multitude of choices pop up if you Google 1mm LEDs. Mouser and Digi-Key are common vendors for just about any electronic component. A hemispheric LED would be a more realistic choice than a square SMD, and easier to work with.



            • #7
              eBay... Pre-wired surface mount LEDs on hair thin litz wire's an example ...


              • #8
                These are $0.69 each... But if you search more you can get them for much less... Sometimes I buy them just for the wire and I throw the LED away LOL...
                If you want 360 degree light-drill out a Lucite rod and insert the LED facing up-then fill the tube with crystal clear glue (like gorilla Clear)
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                  For the one I put on my Columbia I potted a micro LED straight up in clear resin at the top of a 1/16" dia. aluminum tube. Worked well. Ebay is loaded with the LED's


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                    Many things to check into, thanks guys. Don't think I'll find a hemispherical LED in the size that is ready to go. I did check DigiKey. May have to use a micro litz LED/SMD like some said and pot it like Steve & Bob mentioned.


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                      This example was not for an underwater use but it could be and its food for thought for al who read it (1mm Litz wired SMD)...BG


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                        Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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                          DIVE IN! Go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!