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Moebius Skipjack

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  • #16
    Thanks again David. Been grinding away at hull openings. Done except for what gets photo etch, which I'll do later after the hull pieces are joined. A clear plastic ruler comes in very handy.


    • #17
      Finished. I did make a mistake, cut the linkage opening on the wrong side. Patched it up like it didn't happen. Won't bee seen anyway. After filing all the openings, used the backside of an Exacto knife to clean the edges of the openings. This helped get rid of the annoying fuzzies. I'll probably add some additional holes on the centerline at the lowest point of the hull bottom to facilitate draining the water after a run.

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        Naw. The scale flood-drain holes are enough. Don't Swiss-Cheese this thing, Ken!

        Resident Luddite


        • #19
          Couple of questions. I have these EMax servos, they are micro yet places out there call them mini. They sufficient for the Skipjack? I'll have to make a few adjustments to have them fit properly.

          Secondly, what is the proper arrangement for the rudder/planes pushrod output thru the bulkhead? I have one which is blocked and I will drill and add a seal for something I'm planning, so will use all 4 positions.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0196.JPG
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0195.JPG
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	d8Ihuw.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	5x4o7y.jpg
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          • #20
            Yeah, those servos have enough ass to 'em to move the control surfaces without problems.

            #2 - rudder, #3 - sail planes, and #4 -stern planes.

            Better get hot, Groton is only a month or so away, pal.

            Resident Luddite


            • #21
              After the fantastic weekend at the 2019 Groton Fun Run I decided to find all my Skipjack stuff, figure where I left off, what I have, and do some catch up building. I sold my house and moved since I started this nearly a year and a half ago, fortunately I had everything together at my new shop. Some, MOST, things I completely forgot about, yea sucks when your mind does that. I did not know I already bought most of the electronics, so that was a nice surprise.

              I think I should be OK with the Mtroniks ESC? The Mission switch I used in the Marlin so I'll have to get another one.

              Have no idea when, why and where I bought this battery. I might get some NiMH batteries.

              Have this for a BEC

              Some old receivers on 75Mhz, just need some crystals.


              • #22
                Need to do some organizing of this mess.

                Don't remember setting up these servos, but they were in the box.


                • #23
                  Talked to David at Groton about these aft sections and the gap. When I boxed it up in 2018 I didn't think the gap was this small so another plus. Should be able to close it up better.


                  • #24
                    Here I go again trying to start this up. Going to at least try to get a few hours per week on the Skipjack. The other boat I'm scratch building has priority and is more complicated, so the SJ should go quicker unless I make it complicated like I did the Marlin.

                    My question is has anyone used these linkages? They make it easier to insert straight push rods and don't have to deal with the z-bend if you have to remove servos.


                    • #25
                      LOL guess I walked right into that one!


                      • #26
                        All good here David... thanks! Life is good, building models again (two), can't have enough time doing that, girlfriend time, house things, and we bought a 27 foot boat.

                        I know your keeping busy (Mr what I did today). Hopefully there will be a Groton this year and we will see you and Elle.


                        • #27
                          Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named
                          You do great work.
                          I know that! And I like the compliments so don't stop.

                          Wherever I left off, I'm starting on the sub driver. I figured out the old servo tray I made won't work so I made a new one.

                          Here's the old one

                          Here's the new one. You can find this here... or search online for it.

                          Had to make standoffs. Made these from styrene tubing. Tapped for 2-56 machine screws.

                          Had to make spacers to raise two servos above the others.

                          The finished product. Nice and neat. Don't have to screw around with z-bends.

                          More details on my website,
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                          • #28
                            Nice! Lots more room in there for proper length servo arms.
                            "It does not take so many words to speak the truth" Chief Joseph


                            • #29
                              Just improving slightly on something that was already decent.

                              Looks like my last post was flagged as spam and is awaiting for Bob to approve it.

                              When I click the 'Add Smilies' button nothing happens. I get the bar below the post window but nothing is there. Tried on Firefox and Safari. Is this a non-working feature?


                              • #30
                                Well, if something is there and does not work, it should not be there, IMO.

                                Working on a wiring diagram since my mind these days does not retain things. (Why does that happen when we get old?) Have to write things down since I forget things.

                                Question, since I don't have a BLM in the Marlin, should the BLM be connected between the Mission Switch and the Viper input or between the Viper and the motor? I would think it does not matter.