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Party (fishing) boats

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  • Party (fishing) boats

    I kind of shied away recently from posting build threads on forums. Although I might continue my post here on the USS Skipjack when I get back to it. In lieu of posting build threads I started my own web page which I will eventually add my builds for my USS Marlin and two other boats that I previously built. The completed Marlin build is on RCGroups BTW. I'll also be adding other relevant material. My web page is a work in progress, many pages have no material yet as it takes time to gather and configure photos and to write content. Having a web page allows me to have all of my content in one place rather that have material disappear on forums due to inactivity after the model is done. And I think I do some good stuff!

    I'm currently scratch building a party (fishing) boat that was in the Belmar NJ Marina in the 70-90's. If you don't know what a party, or head boat, looks like check out the link below. I'm building the model from the only four pictures I can find. So I need to use my ingenuity and knowledge of boats in order to get this project done. By the way, I love to scratchbuild!! I already built one party boat, the SS Miss Belmar which some of you might have seen at Groton. In the future I plan on scratch building four other party boats from the Belmar Marina from that same time period. I'm current building the Big Marie S which will be 42 inches long. The Miss Belmar is 54 inches long. The future four other boats will all be less than 42 inches since as I get older bigger models are getting cumbersome to transport.

    I tend to procrastinate updating the web page, I'd rather be in the shop building, but hope to keep at the web page more regularly. So check out my web page and let me know what you think.

    My web site:
    Pictures of Party boats:
    Big Marie S:
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    Progress so far. I'm a little beyond where the video ends. Currently fiberglassing the hull with epoxy.
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      Ken your boats are amazing!!


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        Way cool ...Ken you gotta post that on scale boats RCG... maybe a minimal post with no explanation and just the boat name for the title...the response should be interesting-BG


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          Thanks for the kudos guys. I know this is a submarine forum so I didn't expect much response since this model is not a sub. So thanks for noticing this thread.

          Originally posted by Bob Gato View Post
          Way cool ...Ken you gotta post that on scale boats RCG... maybe a minimal post with no explanation and just the boat name for the title...the response should be interesting-BG
          Well Bob, since I'm trying to make progress on my Skipjack, thought I would post this here. I have the website so I can contain my model building in one place and shy away from maintaining threads on multiple forums. Will think about it.

          As the model stands now the hull is coated with cloth and epoxy. I used white pigment in the epoxy. The different colors are body filler and will go away once the hull is painted. David encouraged me to give scribing a try on the Marlin, which I did on the sail. Since the Big Maris S was a wooden boat and you can see the planks I decided to scribe planks into the epoxy. The whole hull, once painted white, will have the appearance of being a planked hull. Some of scribing on the bow needs attention, not sure if I'll try to fix those spots. The real boat would have had planks removed or repaired so I can call those spots repairs. Once the hull is painted the scibed lines should fill in nicely and the planked effect should look damn good. The SS Miss Belmar is 54" long with a 16" beam (110' x 32') and the Big Marie S is 42.5" long with a 10" inch beam (85' x 20') Scale is 1/24th or 1/2 = 1 foot. Both model are 100% scratch. My website....

          SS Miss Belmar and Big Marie S

          SS Miss Belmar and Big Marie S

          Scribed planks at the bow

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            I like seeing what you are building whether surface of subsurface craft. That planking looks amazing!
            If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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              Ken, The pictures on your website are amazing!-I felt as if I was looking at a 1:1 being built -if they were B+W, there would be no telling the difference! ...

              -if anyone out there enjoys build pictures, definitely visit the site (extensive!)