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Revell Gato build question

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    Model is too small.

    Why try Academy's 1/150 diving u-boat model. Enough space inside for electronics and batteries. Since it's already motorized RCing would be easier.
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      Originally posted by trout View Post
      Good place to start? For making a boat, yes. Just because it is a submarine in shape the ability to dive AND rise is another feat entirely. To do that for a first boat and sticking with the Gato, Revell 1/72 scale would be the minimum. It is not the easiest build either.

      Saying all that, if it was a dream to build a running USS Lionfish, then do it! We will support you. If you do not have a r/c transmitter look at the wFly radio - it is the one I use. it will grow with you because you can store separate settings for the different subs (surface or diving). Because it is a not diving sub, you might have plenty of room for receiver, esc, battery, and motors. Lastly, post your build here because you may never know who else has a similar dream.
      The lionfish was one of my first submarine models i ever build when i was a kid, It was a childhood dream for me to have a submarine i can control with a remote since i was a kid and the lionfish was the victim, I never new of a diving submarine back then or if they even existed 25 years ago, But now that iv known of the gato class submarine that can dive and raise i set my sites higher on my true dream, Since one of grandfathers served on a gato class submarine in WW2 i want to honor his memory by building the submarine class he served on. The loinfish was my child hood dream sub, The gato is my ultimate dream sub I want to build from the stories my grandfather told me.


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        Originally posted by trout View Post
        The original was a wet hull. Just saying if you want realism. There is an outer shell (hull) and a cylinder inside that crew operated from.
        So just paint the wtc grey...Square hole unless you've plans to make a good display piece building it up to show off the pressure hull in an rc subject that scale is going to give an assortment of issues. Now I have seen a Gato with a scratch made deck using thin styrene strips with the appropriate gaps so you could see below decks and he also used the eduard or sets out there. It was indeed a great display model. Now the type of scratch build deck with scal planks and gaps will I believe act as a net to trap air bubbles due to water tension and small gaps. Dunk a wire sieve upside down in water and look at all the trapped little silver bubbles... And large pieces of pe sections which can look good are a bane to glue and keep glued in place on a working rc model. I love the scale detail and look of my subjects and I will be the first to say I am more of a model kit assembly bloke more than an rc engineer/mechanic. To me trying to make the 1/72 a dry hull scalled looking working display and rc model combined is indeed a notable challenge but I fear that without strong stout and unswerving devotion it may end being an uncompleted project and haunting dream in a corner. Which would be a sad thing indeed. Get the model, get the parts from Caswells and David build it up with the wet hull and play with it, learn with it and enjoy it. Then maybe experiment with a dry hull that has a bit more room in length and beam.
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          Well lionfish made by revell was the first model i ever made of a submarine when i was a kid that my grandfather gave me, Iv always dreamed of having my lionfish submarine that i could control with a remote in the water, Back then i never knew of or ever heard of if there were submarine models that could dive and raise back up. Now that i know they exists i set my sights higher from when i was a kid.

          My ultimate dream submarine even before the lionfish is the gato class submarine that my grandfather had a model of and told me stories of when he served on a gato in WW2. I want to build this model in his memory and honor his service. The gato submarine build is my true dream but the lionfish will do for now lol


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            OK enough chit-chat. Get to it ....

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