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  • Hello David,

    A question about the single geared shaft design that you have shown here most recently.

    I am trying to look at how the front of the endcap which shows the recess for the gear and main shaft attaches to the other section of endcap that has the motor attached. Are these two parts glued together and once done cannot be pulled apart? Or do the brass tubes and other connectors that run through both off a means of securing that can allow the two main end caps to be taken apart if needed?

    just not quite sure. I hope the question makes sense..

    David H


    • Brushed motors for boats still work well. We don't tend to run them much as we might with an RC airplane or EDF jet which I exclusively use for those models. I have had the same brushed motors for over 14 years in som of my boats and they always run well. I even have a 83 inch span electric B-29 that n 2002 came with 4 brushed motors and they are still flying the plane today. Click image for larger version

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      • Hello HWSNBN

        Looking at your post #354 the Sixth picture down showing a dual brushed motor drive sub assy. with 3 servos mounted. Can that section be purchased ONLY? I looked at Nautilus drydock BUT could not find it. Thought to ask you who makes them then go to Bob to see if so how much. Just wanted to know if it is possible.


        • Soon I hope you will catch up so I can watch you build a masterpiece for yourself and sail it. I know you have done it many times in the past but it's time to see all the continued advancements in your skill level applied to something new. It would be of a great source of inspiration, not that work your doing isn't because it is. It would just be nice to see it all go full circle.

          Happy Fathers day David.


          • Dave what happened to the original molds and such from a couple of years ago?? worn out??


            • Geese this all looks so familiar. And boy do you know how to stretch the last last mile out of that RTV. I have an apron just like that but it's black. Love the shorts, socks and sandals, just classic. It's like a mirror universe I'm peering into. Only difference is I use 1065 but the same color. Carry on!


              • Originally posted by rwtdiver


                WOW! That is great! I will be the first to purchase that kit at whatever the cost! It will be worth every penny! With that in mind I think I will take the Skipjack down from the shelf and get started with the build!

                Thanks David! Looking forward to this one!!


                "Firemen can stand the heat"

                I used all the kit parts for mine but now that I see this I'm with Rob. You can always mod after the fact right? I made a mold off of the kit prop in two pieces with 1066 silicone and made a prop out of BJB 808 two part polyurethane. Worked great but I'd rather have the metal Merriman version. Great stuff as al ways David.

                Click image for larger version

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                • HWSNBN a question about your mold making. I see above that some of your wood backing for your molds is round while others are egg shaped. Is there a reason for that?
                  Also, going back a Long time. You were making 1/96 Alpha upgraded fittings, did you ever find the time to finish them? My old computer went for it`s own new virus and took my files with it.

                  Any updates would be Greatly appreciated.
                  Thanks Again for ALL your Tips and Lessons.


                  • Again many Thanks for your posting and lessons.


                    • Thanks David.


                      • Excellent David. Great work!


                        • Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named
                          Absorbing big time here

                          Why do you some
                          times use RTV cilicone mandrels David?


                          Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
                          "Samuel Smiles"


                          • David,
                            Thank you for posting, I learn from you all the time!
                            Some questions, one a couple of posts ago, there is a liquid (water?) on the prop, is that used to keep it from sticking to your brush or to clean the part?
                            on the last post, you changed resin? Different company?
                            If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


                            • Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named

                              During the stippling of the masking clay up tight around the master I use water to keep the oil bearing clay from sticking to the bristles of the brush.

                              About fifteen years ago I switched from BJB-810 polyurethane casting resin to Alumilite RS-3 polyurethane casting resin. Alumilite recently changed the color of their labels, maybe that's what you keyed on, Tom.

                              Thank you! Yes it was the labeling that threw me off.
                              If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


                              • Why twin pumps?
                                colour me curious
                                thank you