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Converting the Bronco type XXIII to RC

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  • Hello Manfred, I am a beginner and then converting the type XXIII BRONCO to RC model your structure is a good guideline but immediately I have a question, namely the float under the tower where is it used for ( the function).I namely using a water pump to fill the ballast tank and emptying.


    • t's been a while since I checked on this thread. Holy crap, Manfred. Holy. Crap. The loader, too?


      • Alain, the float under the tower is part of the SAS system onboard delevered with the SD, this float will seal off the SD when underwater, once above it will level the airpressure inside the SD

        Yup Sam, it was a gamble, had only a few pics and no drawings, turned out nice, a good fingerpractice to check if i still could do the trick, still have to paint it, i like the bling, bling copper style.
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        Fertig zum unterwasser.


        • Thank you both of you gentlemen for this thread. All very useful information and stuff I might bug David for like appendages and fish. I am going with the water line cut. Arrows hurt! ;)