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3D PLA Printing

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  • 3D PLA Printing

    Do those of you who print in PLA anneal the prints? Do you rescale and use an oven, or place in bag and then in hot water or another way, or not at all?

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    I do none of those things! I do not understand what you are trying to achieve! PLA does not like any kind of heat!

    "Firemen can stand the heat"


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      Annealing PLA is done by some people to further strengthen the PLA. From what I see it is not easy, using an oven preheated to 158 degrees F or water are examples. Very precise procedures which lend to possible shrink and stretching, thus my question since I would rather not do any annealing procedure if letting the prints cure on their own is good enough.


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        Rob, I also only run in my pool for now as I learn. What scale and which boats do you run? Can I ask your pool dimensions? I am always looking for boats that will run in my pool which is 14x33’


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          If I have a temperature sensitive application I don't use PLA. PETG prints almost the same as PLA and is much more temperature stable. Otherwise ASA or ABS is the best option.


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            Originally posted by biggsgolf View Post
            Rob, I also only run in my pool for now as I learn. What scale and which boats do you run? Can I ask your pool dimensions? I am always looking for boats that will run in my pool which is 14x33’

            Our pool is roughly the same size as yours and oval in shape! I currently have 6 boats that I can run! 4 of those boats are 3D Printed. The Astute, the Redoutable, and the HL Hunley! These are the boats from Nautilus Drydocks 3D Files!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo[7761].JPG
Views:	44
Size:	50.3 KB
ID:	149495Click image for larger version

Name:	P4190001.jpg
Views:	33
Size:	87.7 KB
ID:	149496

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Redoutable.jpg
Views:	34
Size:	46.7 KB
ID:	149497Click image for larger version

Name:	P4040007.jpg
Views:	33
Size:	77.9 KB
ID:	149498

            I also have the 1:72 scale Skipjack, 1:72 scale Abacore, and the Thunder Tiger Neptune! I also have four new boats in the works! 1:72 scale Disney Nautilus, The Russian Borei (3D printed) The German Type XXl, (3D printed) and last but not least the 3D printed Captain America Hydra Sub! All my 3D printed boats are from Nautilus Drydocks! That's my current water bound fleet right now!

            I custom built my own WTC for all my 3D printed boats! The Nautilus and the Skipjack use custom built MSD that I purchased from Nautilus Drydocks!

            I have to mention that the HL Hunley boat has a SD that was given to me by David Merriman III!

            As you can see, I love this hobby!!

            "Firemen can stand the heat"