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3d FDM Print vs Resin Print

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    I haven't gotten deep in the digital modeling side of things. If its minor scale changes I can do it in my slicer software but that is a bandaid approach. If I developed them model I go into FreeCad and change the scale there.


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      Thanks, its a lot to learn at first!


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        Originally posted by biggsgolf View Post
        What is the best way to change a STL Files scale? If the the original scale is 1/72 how best to change to 1/96 for example. Would “Meshmix” “uniform scaling” be a good solution?
        It would help to know:

        1. What 3D modeling app you're using.
        2. What slicer you're using.

        Slicer's typically have a scaling tool that uses a bounding box to display the "as-is" three dimensional measurements of the part to be printed. You can take the ratio (1/72:1/96) and enter one measurement, and the other two should update globally. This is easily performed in ideaMaker.

        Free from Raise3D: Powerful 3D Slicer Software: IdeaMaker by Raise3D



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          Thanks, I am just starting using Tinkercad & Photon Workspace mostly.


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            I do the same as Coryhenry, if I need to scale for my model than I do it in my design program.
            For that I use Fusion 360.

            But as a quick solution I did scale some models in my slicer, some that I found on thingiverse.
            As a slicer I use Cura.

            I am not a big fan of it but it is possible.
            But keep in mind that your print might schrimp when it cools off.
            So you might print your model a little bigger than desingned.


            • #21
              Great info guys! Thanks


              • #22
                And that should be shrink, not schrimp *facepalm*


                • #23
                  I use Prusa Slicer and it is a great slicer, but is really tuned to Prusa printers. I have found tolerances pretty close to the model but have had to make minor adjustments to scale.


                  • #24
                    Got some more work done on the FDM hull. The MSD is just about the right size. I thought I was going to have tons of room in this cylinder but the missiles cut that prospect short! The battery will be in the bow and two servos will also be run wet in the bow. The FDM hull is proving easier to work on and less brittle. For scale the ballast tank is 10inches long.
                    Click image for larger version

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