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USS Marlin

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    Since the sail is going to have some guts in it I need to be able to service the inside. At the top I made a clip which locks it together. At the bottom I made a slip clip, to release, just push a pin in a hole to release the clip and then you can split the halves of the sail.

    The lower arrow points to the hole to release the clip.


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      Next time I see your MARLIN I'll put the hairy eye-balls to it -- a wonderful job you did detailing that simple piece of vacuformed polysyrene. Now THIS is what model building is all about, sir!

      Love the sail cradle. And the big format pictures are most appreciated. Thanks.

      Resident Luddite


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        I had no idea the cradle was in the picture, had to go back and look.


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          Long time since I posted on the Marlin. I'm in the process of some upgrades at the same time working on the Skipjack. One problem I always had was the rudder. PRETTY OBVIOUS WHY THAT IS. Because of the oddball angle between the pushrods, the rudder does not do an graceful swing. It tends to get stuck especially turning to port. And the interior pushrod does a crazy dance when moving. A few years ago I added a support to combat this. And the kwik links tend to separate a lot so I added a clip to keep them together. Before I start *******izing this I thought I'd ask here to see what ideas can be come up with. I was thinking of a swing arm with a pivot point between the two rods. But have nothing to anchor the pivot point to except foam. The dive planes work OK as the angle is not as bad.

          Any bright ideas?

          Click image for larger version

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