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The Right Solenoid Valve

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  • The Right Solenoid Valve

    Hi all,

    Ive got a few projects going on, but I have two ballast tank systems for two separate static diving submarines I'm building over the winter. My problem is that I can't find the proper solenoid valves for them.

    One is an RCABS system and needs to let the air that the pump pressurized in the WTC (or other compartment) back into the bladders.

    The other is the small SNORT system that needs to vent the air from the ballast tank for diving.

    So far the ONLY solenoid I have found on RC Sub sites is one on Mikes Sub Works ( (under the "Air Bladder Systems" link, the "Clippard solenoid valve")

    Is that the correct one for both systems? Or do you have a better idea? Or am I just blind?

    P.S. I chose solenoids over servo actuated switches and valves to save space in my cramped subs and to reduce the moving parts and servicing.

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    Ask the guy you got it from. Just spit-balling here. I assume Mike is 'expert' in that department.

    Resident Luddite


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      Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named View Post
      Ask the guy you got it from. Just spit-balling here. I assume Mike is 'expert' in that department.

      That's just it, I haven't bought one yet. I couldn't find one on Caswell's site (maybe I'm just blind?) otherwise I'd have already purchased two (or more) from you guys just to keep things simple.

      I've emailed Mike but haven't received an answer yet.

      The only reason I brought up Mikes is because the only two other people in my boat club who do submarines use solenoids that look similar (and they are horrible at answering their emails!)


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        I don't think Mr. Caswell has any solenoid valves in the catalog -- but I've been wrong before (gasp!).

        I try to keep as many things 'mechanical' as possible, so don't use solenoid valves.

        Have you tried dealing with Clippard themselves?

        Ask the other Mike to show you the r/c model submarines he's built/assembled. A loaded question, to be sure. And ask our Mike what he thinks of the other Mike's product line.

        Resident Luddite


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          I tried checking with Clippard, but they dont make them with submarines in mind so its a bit difficult.
          I assume I would need no more than 1-way or 2-way valve that opperates on 6-12V. If those are the only specs that matter, then I can probobly find one directly from Clippard that should work nicely.


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            Clippard valve will work fine with RCAB's, but I wouldn't use one with snort, or any system where the valve is likely to ingest water, because the iron core of the solenoid on the clippard valaves are exposed and will rust like buggery. The clippard valaves are nice pieces of kit, but they're designed for air and gases, not water.

            I would use modified tyre valves in both cases. They're made of materials that don't rust, dirt cheap (free usually, try a tyre fitters) and they work well for these systems.
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              Just checked the Clippard site, they claim to use mostly stainless steel in their Mouse Valves.
              You think this might work?:


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                The body is stainless steel, but the core isn't inside the valve. You can't make a solenoid work with stainless steel, it has to be soft iron.
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                  Pneumatic -Solenoid valve used for subdriver torpedo launcher.
                  Wonder if a ice maker water valve would work.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	pneumatic_solenoid_1.jpg
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Size:	11.4 KB
ID:	74707


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                    Don't use that little thing, ports are way, way too small.

                    Resident Luddite