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    Thanks Tom, Dave!

    It's never ceases to amaze me how a few small bits of Brass, & Aluminum can enhance a model! I scribed and add rivets with a pinwheel to this model for enhancement. Two contest, with the Same four models on the table, it took Second at our annual Richmond Show. Then two weeks ago in Raleigh NC she did not place. Goes to show just how Different Judges are from show to show.

    Many Static Model Contest can be Lost just because you Weather the Model, I have had Judges ask me, " What is the Green Line around the sub for". Contest, I attend to see friends, buy Kit's, and win here and there. R/C is where we really amaze the public with Working Sub Models, well some working.

    For me, the Talent I like to see from builders, is the R/C/Static sub that has all the fine details & War Weatherd!! I am Still trying to achieve this look on my boats!!!
    What one Man can do, YOU can do too!


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      IPMS rules says they are not supposed to judge on that. Just the quality of work since you can't judge accuracy of color or weather since you were not there to see the original.


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        Correct you are, but it's the Human Factor that Judges!
        If it were Mr Spock then Talent would prevail. I do not Judge anymore, one time I was in a three man group judging Armor (the Norm for Judging), and our lead Armor guy was adamant about pushing these three tanks to the side. Myself and the other guy liked what we seen as the best out of the many in the category. Well Mr Geoebbles did not, and they did not place. Later I find out that this guy had a boner for the builder that had the better Models. I did wrong by not standing up for what I believe in at the time!! Rules are made to be Broken, and when your work is on the table it's a Box of Chocolate.
        What one Man can do, YOU can do too!


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          I stopped competing in the early 90's (might have been late 80's), it got old. If I went for true accuracy, it did not seem to do as well as what looked good. I am not sure if the IPMS rules changed, but I remember these guys talking about "that is not the correct shade of [insert color here]". I stopped building for awhile because life happens and then got back because of David and Mike. What a great trip R/C submarines are!

          Now, I build to enjoy. If I want to geek out I can or if I just want a running sub that is what I will do.

          glad you are back here.
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          If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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            Glad to be here too. I am a IPMS member, and support the shows whenever I can.
            What one Man can do, YOU can do too!