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Hours to complete a Sub Build?

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  • Hours to complete a Sub Build?

    Anybody actually tracked their build time in hours?

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    If I told you 50, for example, what would that mean? The massive spectrum of subjects, the features you implement, your skill level and the your level of anal-retentiveness are all factors that make the exercise basically meaningless. What Dave could accomplish in 10 hours might take a mere mortal 100.

    If you want a ballpark for a "standard" sub build, I'll throw 40 to 50 hours out as an initial salvo. That's from box-opening to full paint, test, trim and operational condition. Of course, these things are never "done", are they...?



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      To the contrary, I have totally enjoyed learning, problem solving and working with my hands. This being my first, it has taken me a many hours. I am a numbers guy, so I track hours for future build comparisons. I know my mind is f..... up that way, lol! With all my projects including planes, helicopters and drones people always ask how long did it take to complete this? Bob, I hear you, never really done! Cheers!


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        Wait, there is a time when you will not put hours into a sub? I have found I am tinkering, tuning, repairing all the time.
        If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.