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My home made RC Submarine

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    No way to convert a GHz radio to mhz as far as I know, sorry...


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      Unless you are are better then average with electronics, I'd steer away from a used unit from Ebay-Bob's radio is one of the best deals for a 6 channel MHZ radio ($79!!) .
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        Hi, and thanks for you suggestion. The transmitter is not expensive, but adding the receiver will make it a little expensive. Plus I had a, dare a say, brilliante idea, well more accurately, I found RC sub already using that principle, using a float connected to the sub via a wire, and the float will have the antenna on it, so no radio problems anymore. I need a piece of advice: If I want to extend the antenna by a wire, can I use any type of electric wire, or does an antenna requiert a specific type of wire (coaxial....). I am planning to solder a 2m50 long wire to the base of the antenna on the receiver (I am lucky because my rc receiver has 2 antennas, so if I fail this, their will be another antenna: redundancy..). Thank in advance for you help!


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          You need to insulate any antenna extension by using coaxial cable. Standard cable will not work.


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            ah thanks, this is precisely the point I was wondering about. What would you suggest I buy as coaxial antenna? Any diameter required ( for about 2 to 3 meters long antenna), any other technical specification I must be aware of before buying coaxial cable (type, diameter... ?), I know nothing about it. Thank in advance, very helpful information, Best


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              Originally posted by SubHuman View Post
              You need to insulate any antenna extension by using coaxial cable. Standard cable will not work.
              Can you tell me if " this " coaxial would do the trick please? Need any-further information? Thanks a lot!
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                Sorry batter late then never.
                all in Japanese but you get the idea.

                I see you are using meter and a "," not '.' , so some where in Europe, switch to a used 40 MHz system, just to make things easier.



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                  Yes correct, France! Well spotted. And thank you, I am still waiting for the delivery of my coaxial cable, hope it will do the trick and be souple enough. We shall see...I will keep you posted ! Best,