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  • redboat219
    • Dec 2008
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    Proteus Wireless Telegraph

    why does a top secret agency, the Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces who has access to a nuclear powered submarine, a miniaturizer and a powerful laser rifle still use a wireless telegraph as it's primary mode of communication.
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    Did Congress cut back their budget?

    Using morse code does have advantages over voice transmission, it uses less power, less bandwith and less distortion.
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  • Alucard
    Lieutenant Commander
    • Aug 2023
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    Because in movies and tv back then morse code on a wireless telegraph denoted to the people military intelligence top secret but in real life they would not use that. That was a good movie.


    • wlambing
      • Nov 2020
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      And, the production team had no clue besides being cheap *******s, to boot!!!


      • Das Boot
        Rear Admiral
        • Dec 2019
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        As a ham, I’ve used CW to talk around the world on less than 5 watts. It’s much more reliable than SSB. Morse Code was used extensively during World War II, in the Vietnam and Korean wars, and remained the standard format for ocean communication until the Global Maritime Distress System replaced it in 1999. But, I’m sure the production team on the movie just wanted it simple to save on costs for voice dubbing later.

        Of the 40,000 men who served on German submarines, 30,000 never returned.”


        • Albacore 569
          • Sep 2020
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          Dot dot dash! 'Miss Peterson has smiled' LOL. Often it reflects the times, reality or rationale. Other times its a story tool Visually we relate to it s commination, in story (da!) or a method to create drama. Sometimes technology is invented not just because its cool and visionary, but i a needed nd excellent way o moving the story along.

          One big Example being the Transporters on Star Trek. Speeds up the story and we alo know the dramas they have created Fantastic Voyage was released in 1966. Pre digital. So it seems a little dated. One thing that is never dated is that Brilliant submarine design Proteus. WOW Stlll Georgioius and looks rational. . Richard Fleischer(1916-2006) directed the film. The brilliant design (Harper Goff) of the Nautilus in Disney's 20,000 Leagues under the sea (1954) was not surprisingly directed by the same Richard Fleischer​ too. We could always count on Fleisher to get the submarines perfect. Hs stages well too, we see the Proteus (audience) the first time same as the characters do too in the film. as they walk out onto the reduction platform pulling back the curtains sorta speak. . Perfect story telling and highlights the subs totl beauty as a design. IE WOW Arthur C Clarke said Fantastic Voyage was one of his favorite films in its concept.

          Jut for god sake keep J Abrams away if he makes remakes lie his retooled star trek an star wars films. Before he ****s those up too. These s a price on his head by many trek fans for what he ditp Rodenberry's dream. Abrams did a UFO documentary which I thought was excellent, but.....

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          • Das Boot
            Rear Admiral
            • Dec 2019
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ID:	173689 Same on my desk as the Proteus. Vibroplex.
            Of the 40,000 men who served on German submarines, 30,000 never returned.”


            • DrSchmidt
              • Apr 2014
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              Good movie stills.....still have the Moebius kit in my backlog.