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    Originally posted by rwtdiver


    That is a great looking Redoutable! Can you tell what MSD or SD you put into yours! Watching it go under really got my blood pumping again! I built the Redoutable, but my basic design was just for pool operation and used for surface running only.

    I 3D printed my own WTC (No balast system at all) After seeing yours go to the bottom it sure got me wishing mine could do that!!

    A little more trim work on yours and you are going to have one nice Submarine for sure. Thanks for sharing your video!


    "Firemen can stand the heat"
    Thanks Rob. I am running the new 2.5/3/2.5 Modular Sub Driver from Dave Merrimon that I got through the Nautilus Drydocks. It is a very good fit for the sub.


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      Enjoyed the Dive Tribe get together tonight. Bob, no joy on reversing the pump and solenoids on the Mtronics ballast module.


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        I missed it again. Did get a notice. Bob? Am I missing something? Please advise.


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          OK! Yes just got the email notice. A bit late but I got it. Do we use Zoom? As always, thank you David!


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            Email notification should have went out sooner, but it did go out 30 minutes ahead of time (at least from my end).

            The next Gathering will be June 11th. Same time. Same place. The updated times of the next meeting are always posted on both my home page at and on the DiveTribe members home page.


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              Ok, I got the ballast control module working perfectly. Issue is with solid state relays that even on the load terminals there is a load terminal and a source terminal. In otherwords, it matters which terminal you connect directly to the coil or motor and which terminal you connect the source wire to. Gotta love Google. I simply reversed the wires in the screw connectors and its all good. Just so happened that I had both backwards. Bob, perhaps that is what you were telling me but I misunderstood.
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                Question, how do you size capacitors for a pump motor to cut down on the RF noise?


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                  Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named

                  .02uF, ceramic, anything rated over 25-volts. KISS
                  David, thank you for the info. The caps were the ticket. No more glitches.