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Forums are back!

Good day, everyone!

As you are probably aware, the forums are (finally!) back up and running.

It was a long and frustrating journey due to how the old forum database was structured, which resulted in an absolutely massive file that was exceptionally difficult to migrate to the new hosting provider. In the end, we got it figured out thanks to the relentless work of a friend who knows more about this than I will ever conceive.

Some things to note:

1.) New address! No more! The forums are now permanently hosted at Change you bookmarks! Tell everyone else to change them, too!
2.) Old bookmarks won't work! Due to the SSL settings on the old domain, your old bookmarks will get you an error message if you try to visit I'm working on setting up a new security certificate for that site so that it will redirect properly, but until then, you get the error.
3) Help me by looking around for broken stuff. If there are wonky threads, let me know and I'll see what I can do about cleaning them up. That said, bear in mind that we'll do the best we can from our end, but we need to evaluate each issue in terms of importance and may have to de-select repairs if they end up too time-consuming. (that's what you get for using a free site! ;))

Thank for your patience, everyone! I really appreciate it.


Bob Martin
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"Goo" at the new pond

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  • "Goo" at the new pond

    A little news from our local group......

    So Ray Mason and I went to test out Kaler's Pond with the boats this morning. Unfortunately it's riddled with Spirogyra in the beach/launch area. Irving's scale PT109 went about a foot before the props fouled, so forget launching/hauling subs in that part of the lake it this time of year. The deeper water by the bulkheads is clean, but difficult to lower large boats safely with the drop to the water there, smaller boats possible. Maybe early spring or fall if it's gone.

    We WILL meet next week the 27th, NOW at Lake Ronkonkoma, breakfast at BLD's 0900 sharp (What can I say? We wanna submerge!)

    ANYONE who is located on Long Island in New York (NY Metro too), we are actively running monthly and asking you to join us. Hence the post. Also, not running ponds Island side have the "goo" lol.

    Here now....the "goo"!
    Click image for larger version

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    NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.

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    I would be very willing to join

    Platinum Access Limos


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      Originally posted by Makofi View Post
      I would be very willing to join

      Platinum Access Limos
      Sorry for the late response.

      We're running this coming weekend, Sunday 9/2 1000, Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Park at Lake Ronkonkoma, south end. Breakfast at BLD's on Hawkins Ave. 0900 sharp if you wish.
      Know were that is on Long Island?

      PM me if you're going.

      "Sub" Ed
      NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.