New 1/96th Scale SSN 21 SEAWOLF Kit-Nautilus Drydocks

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  • RCSubGuy
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    • Aug 2009
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    New 1/96th Scale SSN 21 SEAWOLF Kit-Nautilus Drydocks

    In conjunction with Matt Thor, I'm happy to announce that we will be constructing some new kits to fill some needs in the Nautilus Drydocks model submarine kit line. Matt and I have discussed the kit market and Matt has a few kits underway. The first kit I will show progress on here is the SSN 21 SEAWOLF in 1/96th scale. The original Kit that Dave Merriman and Matt created back in the late 1990s was a big hit and it handled very well, not to mention how fast it was with the initial propulsor design they used. Dave did a magnificent job detailing up the hull with his scribing mastery. Matt has, in a humble manner, let me know that he will attempt to achieve the same quality of detail, but Dave is a very hard act to follow.

    After some unwanted attention by the guys in dark sunglasses at the SubCommittee Regatta years ago, Matt made some changes to the propulsor that really spoiled its performance and to be honest it completely ruined the functionality of the propulsor. So, he is now returning to the original design and instead of producing these the old fashion way by creating the patterns out of granite with a chisel, he will utilize CNC machining, 3D Printing via filament, and 3D printing via photo-sensitive resin.

    The first item to be produced with be the post-swirl stator assembly. The blades will be a tad thicker than scale due to the need for more structural strength than the extremely thin cross-section which made the entire after propulsor assembly a bit too fragile for long term use. The original propulsor utilized a thicker cross-section of roughly .082" at its 1/3 chord.

    Here is the general arrangement drawing of the kit:

    More soon!

  • goshawk823
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    • Oct 2010
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    Gonna be a beautiful model. David and Matt’s first one was a gem.


    • wlambing
      • Nov 2020
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      Better the guys in vans than the ones that ride in black helos!!!! ;)