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French Redoutable in 1:96 scale - 3D files

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  • French Redoutable in 1:96 scale - 3D files

    As an amateur hack at 3D CAD, I've experienced some degree of success in modeling a couple of submarine hulls for 3D printing now.

    My first attempt was the British Astute class boat, which turned out well, but had a lot of funky faceting in the final files thanks to the shelling software I was using. My second attempt was a unique subject, the HydraSub from Captain America: First Avenger. Both of these projects are available for purchase on the Drydocks website.

    My next project is turning out very well, and I'm nearly complete in generation of the files. She is the French Redoutable, rendered in 1:96 scale. While not perfect, by any stretch, the files are much better in terms of smoothness, owing to the experience I've gathered in the previous two projects.

    I hope to have her available once I complete the files and print out the prototype. Stay tuned for updates!
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    I really like the boats you are doing. Something I played with a few years back was taking a length of material (PLA in my case) off the spool and use a soldering iron and spot weld pieces together. The PLA would melt and surrounding material would to, fusing everything together. The pieces I played with were small. Now that larger pieces are being done, I may re-visit that and see how it would work around a larger piece like a hull.
    Keep up the great work and how is the shoulder doing?
    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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      Très beau bateau!