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1/12 German Seehund Type XXVIIB kit

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  • 1/12 German Seehund Type XXVIIB kit

    I just got my paws on one of Oto's superb 1/12 scale Seehund kits. I did up a full review and overview and posted it online this morning. You can check it out here:

    As a quick summary, it's a beautifully engineered kit. The torps are large enough (with room to spare) to make not only functional, but remote controlled as well. While the 3D printing striations will take some work to get smoothed out, the resulting boat should be gorgeous when complete. I really (really) want to sink my teeth into building this one out. Just need the time....

    Order yours here:


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    Some photos of the kit:
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      Bob, I just saw the video and am sorely tempted. The engineering on it looks terrific and the torps are awesome. One concern on my end- how hard is it to smooth out the resolution lines on the 3D parts? Can you get away with applying just several layers of auto body primer? Some of the more complex parts might make sanding a bit tricky. Any thoughts?


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        Appreciate it already has the kort rudder, but you could use something like a throttle jockey to utilise the torpedo props to aid steering
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          Twin rudder was reportedly more effective than the kort. Have to say the kort works very well on them in model form, they can almost turn in their own length.

          PLA is easily sanded, but you must use handtools to do the sanding- power tools are far too fast and they build up a lot of heat which tends to melt the surface rather than abrade it.

          You can start off with 120 grit working your way down to 800 grit- sand wet or dry, then it will be ready for a coat of primer. An afternoon of work should see it baby smooth.

          Using a high build primer will also work, but I would favour sanding the original first and getting that as crisp as possible. My reasoning is that shooting it with primer tends to soften edges and any other detail, so I would sand out the ridges, fill any imperfections with putty, then hit it with a coat or two of primer.

          I think the smaller 1/17 is a nice size for small ponds and pools.
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