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Boats from the Dry Docks arrive- VIIC, Nautilus and XXIII

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    Another observation here is Bob that you trim neutral. I did too. Sail sits up about half way out of the water. But when you dive using the planes you come back up using the planes and once on the surface at neutral trim only then do you engage the pump? This is why on the Nautilus you have no float valve at all? Sorry for all the endless questions but between using OTW cylinders and BigDave's SAS I am knew to. Any the way you learn anything new you got to ask questions. I'll brighten up quickly as a result of the answers I'm getting from you kind gentlemen.


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      It seems the pressure for sealing the tube is too low, you stated by slightly pushing it sealed, why don't you add some styrodure to the float, giving you more pressure at the inlet tube, if i remember right David also has added a weigth inside the float to get the inlet free when surfacing, don't play with that, you need the weight to keep a proper functional float.

      Fertig zum unterwasser.


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        Manfred I did think of doing that but thought it was too simple. Thank you for the advice! But real culprit here I think is me. If when under water I would remember to let the boat rise and assist with the planes until I'l on the surface and the valve is clear then pump air in I might be better off. Still I will add the foam.


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 idea about putting a dab of clear silicone on the stopper and pushing it down on the nipple worked. Once it set up it released from the nipple. In the silicone you can see it has a cork shaped plug. I put it under water and pulled hard and not a single drop of water got in. I did it over and over again with the same results. Worked like a charm.