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Boats from the Dry Docks arrive- VIIC, Nautilus and XXIII

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  • Boats from the Dry Docks arrive- VIIC, Nautilus and XXIII

    Got my 1/48 scale VIIC and the 1/77 Nautilus today from Bob Martin who has been extremely helpful in getting me into these boats. I also have a type 23 inbound from Bob. I will be building all three and using the great cylinders that David Merriman has made. I'm excited it's been a long time since I built new boats. Thanks Bob and David!

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    Can't wait for the underwater videos. Love your old works.
    Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


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      Hey! Thanks!


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        this will be fun! I look forward to learn from you and the work you will produce!
        this is epic.
        If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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          Well thanks Tom. Same old stuff really but as you say fun. It never gets old and you always learn new things. The best part is returning to old friends and keeping alive the hobby. Makes the sun shine a little brighter. ;)


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            After a long hard day of creature mask making and making molds I had a whole hour at the studio to review and get familiar with the type 7. Nice kit. Really nice. I found that CA worked the best for gluely whatever the plastic is they use together. CA isn't always the best for styrene. It does weld plastic styrene at all. If you ever need to get a styrene model apart to fix lighting Ca is good for that. But Plastruct Plastic Weld is your best friend. It didn't work so well on this model. Maybe with clamps and let sit overnight but you really need to fit hard some of the parts as they can be a bit warped.

            I found testing CA it really glued well. I couldn't get the tests with the tree material apart. So CA it is.

            I didn't get far in that hour but I learned a lot. The boat is well thought out and things go together well.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	VIIC 1 smaller.jpg Views:	0 Size:	59.7 KB ID:	137768


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              Tamiya Green glue works great on the conning tower and small parts. There is a lot of cleanup on the small parts as well. The way the sections screw together seems really strong. I modified mine so the aft end pulls out with the wtc attached. Seems like only one screw is enough to hold the aft end on. The top deck sections stay on without anything needed but I added some magnets to attract to the top screws for security. I have the Ark model wtc that I'm modifying. A sub-driver is better but I wanted to see what the piston tank is like, it needs some changes too.


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                Thanks for your information. Always appreciated!


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                  This boat is a pretty smooth build. I did run into a bit of bind on the shafts but nothing a bit of rat tail filing could fix. The alignment to the shaft guide was a bit off but it works smoothly now. Whatever this plastic this is it doesn't break easy like styrene. It quite flexible. Some of it I might replace with brass.

                  David's WTC fits like a freaking glove (of course) ballast tank sits at the optimum location in the hull. Snort sits right under the sail. Good. smart and convenient. Thanks David.

                  I only get an hour or so a day with my busy schedule of taking care of customer orders for creature and monster masks. But when things are made this well and I don't need a lot of reinventing the wheel you can make good use of little time. It's my basket weaving at it's best!

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                    Thanks Bob for finding me one of these. After all these years I have always wanted a Type 23. Now I have one.

                    I don't think the WTC I have for the 31 inch Nautilus will work in this model though. It will drive it but I wonder if it will give me enough freeboard? I may be better off with my old BigDave cylinder I use in the Skipjack.

                    Got the hull glues together so Monday I can cut the deck open to accept the WTC.

                    Spent a few hours installing magnets to lock down the deck and tower. Got lots of glue on my fingertips and it was all a bit tedious to do but worth it. Now I can go on to fun stuff. Get all the business stuff done first I always say.

                    Great fun building some boats again.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Steve, nice to see another XXIII in the build, the kit itself gave me a nice headstart instead of making it from scratch, here is the link from my build, David followed the waterline cut, i did the radial cut.


                      Fertig zum unterwasser.


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                        ManFred thanks so much for the link and support my friend. As it turns out I can use the cylinder from my Skipjack in the Type 23. It's the perfect fit and more than enough free board. The Skipjack is a rocket ship under water with this WTC so I will not of a shortage of power.

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                          So I had a whole two hours today but I got pretty far. I'm liking this kit a and it's a good build. This will look like my 1/32 Parallel boat. Time to start putting the WTC together. I mean installing the servos and other electronics.
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                            Decided to play hookie yesterday and I probably will again today. In Fact I will today. I have worked hard all week on customer builds and filling orders for our monster and aliens masks. Building this Star Trek Enterprise model with all these zillions of lights and potential for shorts and things bursting into flames is nerve racking to immense proportions. I need basket weaving and there's nothing like a nice model build for yourself especially when it's a submarine model.

                            That said I love the VIIC. Don't why I just do. This will be my third build of one until I do a Type 2 but I digress. This has been a smooth build so far until I tried to connect the top of the tower to the lower half. I got a terrible fit. I needed Merriman's Hammer to fix it. Tabs lined up on one side but not the other. Wouldn't sit level. Wouldn't fit around the LEDs. One side but not the other. So I beat it to death and with a little Apoxie Sculpt (the champion of modelers) I made it work. So far this is the only complaint I've had about this model and still it's a minor one. The model overall is one hell of a bargain for the price and any seasoned modeler should have a problem with the few little problems.

                            So I got the tower and the lights pretty much there yesterday. Took about 5 hours. Next to put on the flack gun and railing. Unfortunately mine was broken in the bag and I had to re-weld it with Plastruck. I should solder this up in brass and I may one day but this stuff is pretty strong and flexible as long as you don't drive a truck over it.

                            Oh and placing those wonderful yet very tiny brass parts was a challenge at this scale. I was spoiled by the 1/32 scale and really had to suck it up.

                            In the end with this model I'm not going for a contest winning scale accurate model. I do that enough. I want a functional practical running boat to enjoy and run to death at the local pond. This kit and Merriman's WTC will provide me exactly with that. I'm very happy with this boat and having a real fun time building it especially since I got past that tower!

                            Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG-5067.jpg
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                              I know you're all bored watching this guy put together yet another little VIIC. Can't say I blame you but from my perspective I'm having a ball. It's just plain fun and a positive pursuit in these times of gloom and doom which I refuse to be dragged into. As my friend Adam Savage says, " I reject your reality and substitute my own", good advise Adam. Keep that mind busy and your hands too. It's the secret to longevity, at least it has been for me so far and a few of you here as well. You know who you are. Well done gents.

                              I went to my studio yesterday and gorged for awhile. About 6 hours. Mary stayed home and Rosie the Wonderdog joined me as always. Good company along with Bach and other greats in the air.

                              I managed to get more done than I thought I would have. Next thing I knew it was 5 pm. Got the flack gun built, deck gun, most if not all of the railings. The tower railing was pretty bad from being crushed in shipping but I managed to save it. Added a red light inside the tower so when the hatch is open you can see that night vision is on below decks.

                              Finally figured out where the yellow LED goes. On the tower in front. Never knew that was a light all these years. I opted not to light it. I didn't figure this out until I had the tower assembled and inplace. Their part for the light goes from behind after you file out the hole on the tower. Of course the part ejected itself out of my twissors when trying to get it in. It disappeared somewhere in my 2000 sq.ft. shop. I heard it but never found it again. So I made a new one out of brass, much better and slipped it in from the outside and it worked great. I don't plan to light it but I could if I wanted to.

                              The big deal now is to add a few more parts and do the paint job and weathering. I'm not going to do a lot. It looks good clean with a little rust, rub, water wear and foot traffic.

                              Lastly getting the WTC online and tested in my tank. All good stuff.

                              Anyway I have bored you enough for today with this long winded report.

                              Click image for larger version

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