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1/72 November?

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  • #76
    Hello Tim. Concerning Ecco II you should perhaps start up a new page where we could publish what we have. I have some too.


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      During the meantime I publish a few pics that I have on the deck of the Ecco. Click image for larger version

Name:	-172%20%20.jpg
Views:	24
Size:	354.4 KB
ID:	122504Click image for larger version

Name:	675--172-Kuba-160316.jpg
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Size:	538.5 KB
ID:	122505


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        Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named View Post

        I see that the two shafts will put the intersection of their thrust lines behind the boats center of gravity. Damn!)
        Probably a noob question....why damn?

        Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
        "Samuel Smiles"


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          Guys I have been so busy taking care of my 91 year old mom. That is a job in itself. Dave send me your address again if you can. I am going to send you all the 1/96 November stuff I have. You will have more time to finish them me. I am trying to finish up a huge scratch built Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter. Can't help it I am also a jet junky. I even got a killer deal on a real turbine engine for it. It is 4.25" in diameter and about 9" long. Thing puts out like 17+ pounds of thrust at about 114,000 rpm's. Once I get caught up on that 1/72 George Washington SSBN. Split mold so cheap ship down under. It is about the same length as the Delta. 1/72 Echo II after that. Any body interested in me doing a 1/72 Thresher? Don't want to step on anyone's toes on that one if y'all have that already covered


          • #80
            Isn't that just the cutest little boat. One day it will grow to 1/72 scale. Not. OK started back on the teeny tiny November. Got 2 other boats going as well. 1/72 Thresher and a 1/72 George Washington boomer. Got some foam out back just itchin to be made into a scratch Ivan boat. Did some chrome dome scratching and figured a Yankee I out to do the trick. I am thinking 1/72 scale for that but me thinks Scott may sick his rabies infected roo's on me.


            • #81
              Rabid kangaroos inbound. Best get your kevlar budgie smugglers on pronto. They always go for the crutch first (actual fact).


              • #82
                I didn't post the pic of the cute little bugger November. That thing is so big if I blink twice it disappears. AK-47 is all I need for those rabid little hippity hop buggers.


                • #83
                  Have a few winter scratch projects coming up. Have to make a 90+ mile one way drive to get some blue foam for the boat projects. So I dug out my old Foxtrot drawings. These are the only ones I have. Don't have any hull cross sections for it. Bought a real scale Foxtrot model with photo etched deck. I can enlarge the PE and use that to make the molds. Anyone have any Foxtrot drawings that show the hull cross sections? That one is going to be 1/72 so bring those pesky roo's on Scott


                  • #84
                    Originally posted by 598602G View Post
                    I didn't post the pic of the cute little bugger November. That thing is so big if I blink twice it disappears. AK-47 is all I need for those rabid little hippity hop buggers.
                    Focus Dude. You're all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast. Get my 1/96 November finished!


                    • #85
                      Mad woman? I think I dated one of those. I am going like crazy on all 3 boats. Got them lined up. Also working on my 1/9 Su-7 Fitter. That is a Russian jet for you bubble heads. Soon as I get some glass clothe ordered I will be glassing November.


                      • #86
                        Here is a pic of the Su-7 I am building. Biggest molds I ever made. Fuselage is 73" long. Big big big jet. Got a turbine that is going into it. Puts out 21lbs of thrust @114,000 rpms. I have been building rc airplanes way before subs