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Tommyp Oberon Class OTW

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  • Tommyp Oberon Class OTW

    I bought this a few weeks ago with the intention of not building it just selling it on, I was after the WTC but like the shape and don't see many of them around. Looking at the postage labels the previous owner bought it in 2004 and not had chance to do a lot started on the flood holes. It has warped a bit so will need some work to get it all to line up.

    I started the other week couldn't let it just sit there, drilled more flood holes, sanded off the join line between the 2 parts filled and sanded smooth nearly ready to install A frame and prop shafts. Hope won't take me to long to get it in the water will worry about detailing like raising periscopes and opening torpedoes after just wanted to get a sub in the water.
    Click image for larger version

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    Go get 'em, Tommy! Yes, get it in the water first and working well. Then go all anal on it.

    Resident Luddite


    • #3
      Looking forward to this build, as I simply love those big boats, and that OTW Oberon certainly fits the bill. It does appear you are moving along nicely towards its completion, and good luck with that.



      • #4
        Looks great Tom! How do you plan on mounting the dive unit and battery to the hull ?



        • #5
          Hi, sorry been a very long time since last logged on, I've done all the flood holes scribed detail into the deck then work got very busy so this is on hold really annoying. I was going to make some U brackets to hold the WTC and place the battery in the bottom of the hull. Should get on and do some more wouldn’t take too long really to get in the water right must get on with it!!! Will get some more pics


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            And it ends.


            • #7
              Many builds I get very interested in just stop. Life happens I guess.


              • #8
                Apologies yeah life takes over, had to sell due to wife having a car crash. The insurance did not pay out enough to replace so we had to find some extra funds! Not sure if it ever got finished not heard from the guy for a while. Trying to get back into building a Sheerline Type IID workshop is a mess though


                • #9
                  Been working on mine for more than 18 years! :)


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                    Hey! Dump the Ensign crap!! I retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer, worth more than 9 Ensigns stacked on their noggins in a gear locker!! Have a nice day!! :)


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                      Hello all,

                      I have a real soft spot for the Oberon. Our navy had six of them and they served the RAN really well. I love going down to Sydney and stepping on board the museum vessel, HMAS Onslow. Great lines, great boat. I would love to do one but have too many boats already and a U- Boat on the way.

                      David H


                      • #12
                        My upcoming customer build commission is the OTW Oberon with dive module. This will be a step by step build from start to finish, posted on my channel. Probably starting in a few weeks after I get the cylinder re-design knocked out and a quick refit of a XXI.



                        • #13
                          It will be interesting to see how you handle the masts and antennas! That radar can be a crippler!!!!