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    While working around the shop today, I had to go up into the attic for some stuff and found this: It's a 1/8 scale Tiger I that I bought way back in 2005. I sold it to a buddy on here (Brian Stark), but he didn't do anything with it. He wasn't moving out of the area and dumping a lot of stuff and gave it back. I have no time for it in this lifetime. There's actually a motor set for it. Parts, tracks, etc. The worst offending item to me is the barrel, but one would be easy to turn on a wood lathe or a makeshift one. If anyone would like it, please let me know. The price is FREE, but it needs to be picked up, and I'm definitely not paying postage. If someone's interested and would like more photos, also, let me know.
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    Jake, more tanks! I see a tank hanging on the wall in your shop with your subs.

    Click image for larger version

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      Ken, looks are decieving. In that box by that tank are two all-metal 1/16 FAMO halftracks and an IMAI Elefant (big dollar-ultra rare model), stripped down and ready to start a rebuild. I will start posting tank work, got tons of it documented.


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        Tanks?!... someone say tanks. (grabbing crotch: I got your tanks right here, pal!)

        Who is John Galt?


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          Click image for larger version

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          This is a photo of 4 of my Tamiya Tiger I's. Each one is different and reflects different production versions. A lot of scratch-building and new disciplines to learn. The 2nd one in the photo has the early mudguards in the front. I made the pattern and Merriman showed me how to photo-etch to get those. This was back in 2003.


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            Click image for larger version

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            In 2004, I scratched out this Jagdtiger using the Tamiya King Tiger kit as the base. Everything above the deck is scratched out. The gun cradle I did with a resistance soldering unit. Merriman showed me how to work a lathe and I did the gun, mantlet, and all the interior mounts for the gun. Dave also had shown me the 'light'. Using auto-body filler and Nitro-Stan. Before I was scratching out turrets with Milliput and Squadron putty...yes, it sucked.