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Don't Stuff Cable Into The Tube

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  • Don't Stuff Cable Into The Tube

    Stuffing cables into a tube is quite maddening. Use a thin piece of wire, run it through the tube, use electrical tape to tape the cables and pull it through. Works like a charm.

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    I have a long, thin piece of wire that I keep around specifically for this purpose. You can also use heat shrink to secure the wires together and then just cut it off once through. Holds better than tape, and adds less mass, too.

    For pulling antenna wires through the tiny 1/16" ID hoses, I use the thin wire, glue the antenna to the tip, shape the joint with my sanding disc, and pull it through (carefully). Once through, just cut it free and draw it back an inch.



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      Helpful Tip-I tape the wire to a Q-tip(on very thin tubes-make a swab tip with some CA and cotton right on the end of the wire) and either blow the wire thru the tube with air or use a vacuum-once I had to run strobe light wires thru a small conduit in a King Air's wings some 15ft to the wingtips - Ever since I opt to use the Q-tip-if if there is too much cotton, just peel some off..
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        Well, my ballast tank isn't going to be that big, so i don't have much wire to stuff. The 1/72 Skipjack isn't a weight monster.