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1/144 Trumpeter Kilo with complete rc conversion package

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  • 1/144 Trumpeter Kilo with complete rc conversion package

    Hi Guys,

    I decided to sell my 1/144 Trumpeter Kilo. I purchased this kit in october 2011 and I do not have the time to dip my hands in this one. I have other projects on my plate at the moment that need to be completed. This kit was purchased from Rc Sub-Workshop and they sell this Kilo as a complete kit that is marketed by them. It is a complete kit with the WTC (Needs to be cut to size by you) with a micro brushless 1700 kv motor and esc which is waterproof and installed in the wet portion of the hull. The ballast system is a micro, low rpm high volume pump which pumps water in and out of a bladder and comes with it's own reversing controller. This model is able to hover at depth without any forward motion. Everything is in the kit to make the sub functional but all you need to supply is a battery pack and your own 4ch min TX and RX. It also comes with a custom brass prop and shaft. All the nescesary parts like wires, plugs, hoses, seals, servos and a Caswell/D&E fittings package are in kit. Everything is still brand new in the bag and unstarted. Please note that this kit does not come with assembly instructions. I only can supply photo's of the assembly process that they emailed me at the time of purchase. Asking $300+ shipping. I may trade for an unstarted 1/96 Alfa or Akula hull. Thanks for looking.
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    Come on guys. 76 hits and no one with the slightest interest? $300 shipped then?


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      Originally posted by subcapt101974 View Post
      Come on guys. 76 hits and no one with the slightest interest? $300 shipped then?
      Has the WTC manufacturer shown his product working in one of the 1/144 KILO kits?

      One size does not fit all is the object lesson here.

      "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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        No he hasn't but their is a video on youtube of him making the WTC submerge in a test tank.


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          OK Guys. $260 shipped. If it doesn't go by midweek I'll keep it. This is a steal but I need the cash to complete my other projects.
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            No Longer For Sale.


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              The Kilo is back for sale. I had a buyer locally who wanted it but couldn't come up with the funds. $250 or best offer.


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