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Wanted to Buy: Unbuilt Engel Typhoon Hull

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  • Wanted to Buy: Unbuilt Engel Typhoon Hull

    Greetings all

    I am searching for an unbuilt Engel Typhoon hull or even the complete kit.

    Engel is out of all Typhoon variants (as well as most of their other boats), and is not responding to my inquiries as to when it may be back.

    Please email me directly at if you have one to sell



  • #2
    You’ll find it tough going finding just a hull, as most buy the full kit. There is a chap here in the UK has a used Typhoon complete, needs a bit of refurb, but is asking less than you’d pay for a hull from Engel. You could part it out of you want to use a different dive system, or build the piston tanks and hardware into a cylinder. This significantly reduces the displacement of the boat and makes it lighter to lug about.

    Another possibility is a Kehrer moulding, if you can find one.
    DIVE IN! Go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!


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      Has to be Engel? I'll pop you an email. I have a 1:96 Typhoon hull here you might be interested in...



      • #4
        Do you have more than one Bob?


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          Sounds like Erich isn't interested in the modified Kehrer hull that I have. If you're game, I'd part with it.

          I was planning on reworking this and molding it. I updated it to make it more accurate, and even laser-cut an upper deck vinyl overlay with all of the hull scribing details. Sail is 3D printed but as I was planning on molding it's solid and not hollow. You could just hollow it out as the inside would be just support material.

          I doubt I'll get to this any time soon.

          I completely reworked the stern to make it more accurate. I fused the hull to make it a single piece, but the seam is at the waterline if you wanted to re-open it up that way.

          The pics aren't beautiful as it is in rough primer. The decals should go on easily and work well to super-detail the upper hull. Cast parts are high quality. I fabricated new masters for the props and prop shrouds as well as some other parts.

          I think this model is around 68" long....

          I'd take $500 plus shipping.

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          • #6
            I can't take this one away from the world Bob. You should go ahead and mould it. I'll but the kit!


            • #7
              eckloss i have a complete
              kit I am willing to sell. I sent you a email