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Pay it Forward Thread #2

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  • Pay it Forward Thread #2

    Need it? Raise your hand and it's yours. Trick is, you need to offer up something of equal value to the next guy and buck up for shipping, too. Let's keep these going guys!

    I'll seed thread #2:

    Vintage Darnell Type XXIII hull kit only. Fiberglass construction. Comes with cast resin appendages and pre-cut WTC saddles. Value $150(ish)?.
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  • #2

    Not sure if you're still interested in this, but if so, the boat is yours. The Gato you offered up sounds like a fair trade to me. I assume, however, that you might have had a change of plans if you removed the follow up post. If so, no problem at all.

    I'm flabbergasted that no one snatched this up. As vintage as this boat is, she's still a solid hull and a great scale. I guess if it's still up after a few more days, I'll have to think of something else...


    • #3
      Hi Bob,

      I agree, this should have disappeared nanoseconds after you posted it.....go figure.

      The reason I took my original post down is because I took the plunge and bought a Bronco XXIII on FleaBay but truth be told, I'm still worried about slicing into that model and so after sleeping on it overnight, I decided to build it for static display only as it was originally intended.

      However, seeing as how after all this time NOBODY has bothered to snatch this Darnell XXIII up yet, I'll take it.....I really want an RC version of the XXIII and this one looks pretty well set up for me already without me having to cut into the hull too much.

      Do you want me to send the Gato to you Bob?

      Lemmee know pard, and thanks!


      • #4

        After taking the Gato out of storage and looking it over, it might not be a good trade after all.
        l'd forgotten just how far l went with the model before l stopped and as soon as l looked at it, l realized that ld done quite a bit more than l thought and it would take more work than it was worth to try to convert it to RC.

        However, l do have a new VEX radio transmitter as a trade offer and if that's no good, l have a brand new 1/32 Type VII Conning Tower fairwater kit complete with pre-soldered brass railings and custom machined metal periscopes that someone might like.
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        • #5
          Type VII Conning Tower Fairwater in fiberglass and resin with aluminum machined periscopes.
          Nothings been done to it yet.
          Conning tower railing has already been pre-soldered by the original maker of the kit who manufactures these in Germany.
          It was originally going to be used for my OTW Type VII project but l decided to go another route.

          Last edited by firemanjim; 06-03-2019, 05:43 PM.


          • #6
            I'd say that's totally worth the trade, Jim! Might be a bit specific a product for most. Tell you what, though. I'll ship you the Darnell hull regardless, if the tower doesn't go after a bit, I'll take it and swap something out in its place.

            Send me your address and I'll get that thing off to you!

            So just to keep things clean, next item up is that great 32nd scale tower for the German Type VII!


            • #7
              It's difficult to move any GRP constructed boat when there are injection moulded plastic alternatives at the same or similar scale. The latter tend to offer Lego like fit and finish, often with more detail at a fraction of the cost. Seen how it's changed things here in the UK, the Revell/Moebius Skipjacks, Trumpeter Seawolfs, Bronco kits etc. are the favourites, that and secondhand hulls picked up for peanuts and then refitted.
              DIVE IN! Go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!


              • #8
                That's true about the plastic kits, more detailed, cheaper, and so forth.
                Problem is even though larger scales are more available now than back in the 80s, they still tend to be relatively small than desired and only have limited runs of certain types of boats whereas GRP boats are much bigger and more solidly constructed and have been available more often than any of the store bought kits.

                lts all a matter of personal taste l suppose.


                • #9
                  Fair point, Andy, but I'd be willing to bet that a plastic sub used side-by-side against a GRP boat wouldn't last half as long. Dainty details bust off and plastic hulls warp and can become brittle over time. I love them, don't get me wrong, but as Jim mentioned, they've got their place in the baby boat category. Any boat of any significant size needs the strength and rigidity of a composite hull (IMO).


                  • #10
                    I second that Bob.

                    Speaking of which, the Type VII Conning Tower Fairwater was shipped out to you today!
                    Should be arriving on Saturday.


                    • #11
                      Now I need to seed this thread with something else cool!... Sheesh! Lemme look through the shop. Gotta be something good in here for someone..


                      • #12
                        Meant to post this earlier, but it's been a busy week.
                        Anyway, l received a very long box in the mail and lo and behold, inside was another project boat lve been wanting for awhile to add to my growing collection of scale submarines.
                        Just want to thank you again Bob for a very awesome trade, l hope you like the conning tower fairwater l sent you, although l kinda feel like l got the better end of this trade with this Type XXIII.
                        Still can't believe no one snatched this up after all this time.
                        Anyway, looking forward to getting to work on this little boat after l finish up the OTW Type VII boat which for now, will be a display model until I'm comfortable enough to make it a working model.
                        l went ahead and took a pic of both boats l got from you Bob, but lm having trouble loading them up right now, but I'll try again later.

                        By the way, if anyone ever decides to tackle a 1/32 Type VII Uboat, shapeways has definitely been my friend when it comes to certain parts namely the guns and fairwater railing which were all made in metal.
                        A little more expensive but definitely worth it IMHO as far as quality and won't break as easy as brass wire and resin.