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    When I start the setup procedure for pitch control on my ADFc2 I follow these steps: 1) Press & hold setup button, 2) Turn on RX, 3) Status light blinks red then goes solid green, 4) Release setup button and the light stays solid green and stays green. This is as far as I've been able to go on the setup procedure no matter how many times I try to start over from the beginning. Without the ADFc2 plugged into the RX the motor, rudder, planes, ballast vent, and pump for blowing ballast work normally. When I plug the ADFc2 into the RX, everything works normally except the planes. What can you suggest please?

    "Will" Rogers

  • #2
    Sure you got the stern plane servo plugged into the 'pitch' pins and not the 'f/s' pins? And if made up to the right pins, do you have the polarity of the three wires correct?

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


    • #3
      Hi Will - can you confirm that the first flash of the LED is RED ONLY, not RED+GREEN? If so, that's a failed start-up test and an indicator that I'll have to repair your ADF2.

      Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
      KMc Designs


      • #4
        I confirm servo plugged into pitch pins and correct polarity. While pressing and holding setup button then turning on RX, the light flashes red once, then two flashes green followed by solid green. By the way, thanks both of you for the prompt replies.



        • #5
          Thanks Will, so something's gone bad with the angle sensor, or the solder connection between it and the processor. (I've had a couple of these in my last batch.) Further instructions to follow by PM.
          Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
          KMc Designs