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Just Keeps On Ticking

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  • Just Keeps On Ticking

    I have a 20 year old D&E 3.5Ē WTC with the adjustable Jackshaft to adjust ballast displacement size. Itís in a 1/72 scale Permit. It was used a lot for years but it has been on a shelf for seven years. One day I said to myself, I need to put this thing back in the water. I checked out the WTC and .... it still works perfectly, everything, motor, motor shaft seal, servos, ballast system, cup seals, everything. Itís even water tight at a depth of 10 feet for 24 hours. I was amazed!

    I just wanted to thank you.

    I would like to replace the o-rings just for my own piece of mind, Iím concerned that at their age, new movement might cause them to leak (they are a bit on the hard side), what size are the bulkhead and vent o-rings.

    Thanks again for doing it right. It seemed a bit pricy when I bought it but itís one of the values I invested in. I wish I could get that kind of performance from my 401K!

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    I've built a ton of boats with those old cylinders. As you say, they're basically bulletproof. The biggest issue that I see over the years is the resin lip getting snapped off after repeated prying with a screwdriver to get the endcaps off.

    Despite the limitations of the gas ballast system, it is exceptionally simple and reliable. With a bit of basic maintenance from time to time, these old cylinders are good for decades of operation.



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      So far my WTCís edges are fine and the cup seals are still soft. The only real concern is the o-rings are stiff and drying up. I sprayed them with silicone lubricant but they didnít soak it in, alas.