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1/144 USS Arizona Battleship $399.99

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  • 1/144 USS Arizona Battleship $399.99

    LND-70820 1/144 USS Arizona Battleship $399.99

    Does anyone know anything about the Lindburg Battleship? I understand it is to be released shortly.

    At 600 feet long, I calculate this model would be 50" long. That makes a pretty impressive target.
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    I hope Lindberg does a better job of researching this article than they did on their recently released 1/72 scale, I-53 Japanese submarine kit. (God! ... what a waste of polystyrene!)

    But, on a positive note, if Lindberg learned their lesson with their recent offerings, and got this battleship right, this would indeed make for a magnificent looking model plowing through the water.

    And one JUICY target! Will it come with bulls-eye decals for the sides of the hull?

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      From web via Hobby Expo Show:
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        You might do yourself right by locating a few of the remaining Trumpeter 1:200 AZ kits & offering those for sale. I highly suspect this proposal from LH will ever see the light of day now that Ernie has left the building.


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          Hello the only large battleship that I know of that has been recently released is the Trumpeter BISMARCK which I believe is at 1/200 and is roughly in the vicinity dependent on where you purchase from 250.00 upwards plus postage for us that do not have hobby shops haha. I have not heard of the Lindberg personally but I am at the moment enjoying a build of the OLD Fletcher class destroyer that came out in the 60 - 70's.
          Love is a Nimitz.


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            There is a very enlightening thread regarding future large scale kits over on the Model Warships site. Looks like some neat things to come!



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              Good evening Shipmates I was just wondering re the purchase of my bits and pieces for the submarine. I saw that Caswell has a site in Australia so can anyone advise if I purchase the Submarine parts and items from them or do I deal direct with the USA head office. - Thank you
              Love is a Nimitz.


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                I deal with Mike direct in the USA.
                John Slater

                Sydney Australia

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                Think of that before your buy "cheap" pirated goods or download others work protected by copyright. Theft is theft.



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                  Thank you John I will do that. Appreciated.
                  Love is a Nimitz.