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Snort system testing

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  • Snort system testing

    Click image for larger version  Name:	BA944808-CD2C-4402-B4FB-F59D374FD1F5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	84.4 KB ID:	140609Click image for larger version  Name:	BA944808-CD2C-4402-B4FB-F59D374FD1F5.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	84.4 KB ID:	140608Hi all, I have surface trimmed my Blueback which I have opted to set up using the Snort option. How do I test the submerged trim without actually using forward motion? I have tried opening the intake valve while surfaced and submerged by holding it underwater. I have not been able to have the sub stay at all submerged, the valve is working correctly, it is not blocked either. Maybe I have trimmed her with too much flotation so the addition of ballast water thru the intake has no effect? If I add weight she sits well below the waterline, and becomes unstable. Removing foam does the same
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      David, thanks, talking about the ballast valve that lets air out to allow water in to submerge the sub


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        David, thanks for the photos. I have the submerged trim completed. Just to be clear, I now reposition the buoyant foam that I installed above the waterline for submerged trim gradually downward, toward being on or below the waterline until I obtain the desired surface trim? I do not add additional foam below the waterline instead?


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          Will do David, thanks!


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            David, she is almost good! My issue is now when she descends the nose drops, then the tail dips down then rises to just below level. I know she will be moving forward so maybe I am crazy, but would like her to descend evenly. Any ideas? Maybe a wee bit of foam near tail above the waterline? I tried to post a video but extension .mov is not allowed and all my stuff is apple....
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              Oh, please pay no attention to the finish, I will be detailing her again.....
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                Yes, lots of fun and anticipation, lol. As of this morning I can report that she is successfully submerged and surface trimmed! Thanks for all the detailed input that helped me achieve this milestone! Pool testing next week at my Corolla, NC Sub Base.