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Blueback trimming

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  • Blueback trimming

    So, tonight I had an opportunity to trim my 1/96 Blueback. The only weights I can get locally are Pinewood Derby weights from Hobby Lobby. I put two sets in the bottom and the sub heeled over to port. (see photo) Not enough weights? Any suggestions? I wanted to get some input so I don't get totally frustrated.......

    Click image for larger version

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    Not enough. About a pound as low as possible for starters.

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      It appears that You have a fair amount of room to play with -I used construction rebar from Home Depot in my 1/64 GATO...wire brush it down, coat with epoxy, paint black-it actually looks a little high tech painted semi-gloss Rustoleum black-Glue in place with RTV (it wont go anywhere but it will be removable-Heck it held most of the space shuttle tiles on!)
      Hang it externally from the bottom of the sub with wire or tape until you know how much you'll need-this way you aren't opening and closing the sub a million times.
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        Photos tell a thousand words, you need to add more weight. Dave said it Best a pound to start, 12oz nose 4 in the keel less than half way back! A sub like a plane has a Center Gravity you must find, when you do find this and add your weight according your boat, it will be rock solid! Some guys like to operate with either the bow or stern slightly heavier! I like an even keel, this allows me to drive my boat down for a dive manually, or even keel sink when I pull the plug! If you study the photos Dave put up you can see the position of placing weight in the hull and it worked just fine their for me too! RTV as mentioned before great to hold weights, the derby weights good for fine tuning, but have a tendency to become unsecured after time form water! My first boat when i Finely got her trimmed was boa-ring to operate, then with that success I can trim most any sub now. You will too, keep at it, and the pay off of good runs time after time is worth all the hair pulling and swearing, lol.
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