Looking for HO Scale (1/87) metal photo etched Ship Railings

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  • PalmerRL7
    • Jan 2024
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    Looking for HO Scale (1/87) metal photo etched Ship Railings

    I am a volunteer at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley Colorado.
    There are lots of videos of our museum on YouTube.
    I helped build the museum and have over 10,000 hours of volunteer time.

    The museum has a HO Scale Train layout that is over 5,500 Square Feet with 70 scales miles of track….so let’s say really big.
    In the Coos Bay Oregon section, we have three handmade RC Ships and a model of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald Great Lakes freighter.
    The Edmund was 729 feet, so at HO scale the model is a little over 8 feet long.
    Over the years the Edmund model has taken some damage.
    A few years back we purchased some HO scale ship railings and replaced the railings in the front of the ship which worked and looks great. See photos.

    We now want to replace the rest of the railings on the ship; however, we cannot find where we purchased the railings from and cannot find any railings on the internet that will work. We found a few railings, but they look really fragle.

    We really need metal railings that are not fragile.

    Anyone know of any place that sells 1/87 scale metal ship railings.

    We are also investigating having photo etched railings custom produced.

    Thanks for any help,
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  • Scott T
    • May 2009
    • 376

    You might make a mold off the railing you have.


    • RCSubGuy
      Welcome to my underwater realm!
      • Aug 2009
      • 1758

      A mold? Damn, dude. That would be some high level casting skills to mold out a railing in 1/87 scale...They'd be fragile as all gittup, too...


      • He Who Shall Not Be Named
        • Aug 2008
        • 12186

        May I suggest you construct a jig and make your own?

        Who is John Galt?