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ESMM-UWG/SCLI gMeet Brief: 2020-05-24

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  • ESMM-UWG/SCLI gMeet Brief: 2020-05-24

    Ed Tordahl
    Ray Mason
    Bob Martin
    Bob Gaito

    Not much of an attendance this time, but two or more constitutes a meeting. Any meeting involving “Sub” talk is a good meeting in my book

    We plan to adhere to the following agenda in the future and limit to 60 minutes:

    1-Meet and Greet (5m) All unmuted
    2-Club Report ( 5-10m) Host unmuted
    3-Show and Tell: raise hand to present (5m/ speaker) Speaker unmuted
    4-Specific Q&A: raise hand to present (5m/speaker) Speaker unmuted
    5-Open Forum (Balance) All unmuted (Free4All)

    For those of you who have yet attended an on-line meeting (Zoom, Google Meet etc), the one bit of etiquette you should now is to remain “muted” during a discussion, otherwise a lot of cross talk occurs and if your in “Speaker View” mode you can get traumatized watching faces blur by lol! “Raise hand” if you wish to speak or question.

    Club Report discussed my surface run on Friday, and how we can possibly run together amid NY/NYC COVID-19 guidelines and still have fun.

    Show and tell included

    Ed discusses the new ESMM/UWG group embroidery on his vest. Irving Loyd, Ray Mason and John Basta had purchased Rothco MA-1 Flight Jackets with it. Looks awesome!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ESMM_UWG-Vest.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.7 KB ID:	139876

    Ray showed his endcap and possible solution using HVAC Al Tape as well as a motor that had experienced seizing problems from corrosion.

    Bob Martin gave us deeper insight to his personal project discussed on his Youtube livestream broadcast the day before regarding his son’s “Millennium Falcon” project as well as his LOEG NAUTILUS the “SWORD OF THE SEA” as well as the new thoughts regarding end cap sealing on a cylinder. The future is bright.

    The Q&A sessions involved questions about what we were showing and involved Bob’s recommendations to Ray removing the pinion gear from the bad 540 motor to a good motor for subsequent installation in his 3.5 cylinder as well as giving me the scoop on the care and feeding of LiPo’s and the BLM.

    Then basically we just talked about boats and plans for the future...good stuff.

    Afterwards Ray and I decided to post the minutes of the Meeting for anyone who cares, and future “Run” meets by the group will be hosted live from our ESMM-UWG/SCLI Youtube Channel

    We’re open to members of Empire State Model Mariners, The SubCommittee, or the Dive Tribe. Join us if it’s a rainy day, can;t find anything on TV, or just plain bored. If interested, private message me.
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