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We've been quite active since Groton

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  • We've been quite active since Groton

    Each time I go to Queens I'm told, "It's the coolest thing in the pond."

    On September 15th, weekend after Groton I hit Bowne Park in Flushing Queens solo for their end of Season picnic for the Empire State Model Mariners. No one else could make it, but there is no way in this universe was I ready to shake off the "Groton high". Also, I just love running with these folks. A great club to be part of that opens their arms and welcomes us. An hour from my house in eastern Long Island for an early morning drive into Queens, and a hour and a half back with early afternoon traffic. No biggie!

    USS SHARK continues to do her thing and I exceeded 2-1/2 hours run time at Periscope depth with hardly ever broaching at Bowne Park. The SKIPJACK Class, at least mine, tends to drop her stern at a slow bell when I go into a turn, but I'm learning her idiosyncrasies with each hour of stick time that passes. Rock solid with the 2.4GHz, wish they had it years ago.

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    RICH with targets!!

    Some surface puke hit my scope with his Electric fast boat. Believe it or not, I use a 4mm solid aluminum Afghan Crochet Hook with the hook end modified as my Attack scope, mimics it enough for me. Inexpensive to replace. Anyway, this moron hit it hard enough to bend it 30 degrees where it enters the sail. He ran off without so much as an apology. The 4mm Al 'scope did protect my NAVSAT Mast (2.4Ghz Antenna) and my practical Snorkel mast. Didn't need to use gas to get her to the surface. FWIW, this guy was a stranger to the ESMM club and they where all sorry it happened.

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    FWIW, I went ahead and purchased a twin shaft "Springer Tug". I believe it will make a great RC Sub Rescue boat when you're stranded on the surface and don't feel like swimming. Highly maneuverable, so much so these boys play soccer with them. You can see from this one they come out looking great. I plan to color mine black and grey to mimic the Naval NIANTIC Class Harbor tug that use to push my 1:1 scale boat around. She'll have hull no. YTB-80 for her RC channel, and named "GROTON", no explanation necessary there!!


    This past Sunday on the 22nd, we all met local at Lake Ronkonkoma (mid-way out on Long Island), Present were Capt. Ray Mason, Capt Bob Gaito, Capt. Frank Salerno, Capt. Irving Loyd, Capt. Fred Swendsen. Even my son "Sub" Eddie who came up from Florida attended.

    BTW, a new RC Sub Capt to the group whom I met at the aforementioned Empire State Model Mariner meet showed up. Bob Martin may recognize the name... Capt Eden Jones. He has a British UPHOLDER with an OTW WTC that you assembled for him! Small world. No worries Bob, he's in good hands at our Subschool now getting qualified to operate that boat lol! Let me tell you Capt. Jones is STOKED!!!

    Here are some pic's we managed to take at Ronkonkoma, boats ran great. It really was a beautiful morning, the lake was glass. To get some much overdue Helmsman/Planesman time, I let "Sub" Eddie conn USS SHARK the whole time. 2h 45m submerged at PD!! Ray got time in with his SKIPJACKS, Bob with his GATO and Irving had his ALBACORE. Fred ran his YTB tug.

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    The Empire State Model Mariners had such a great time the weekend before, that they decided to have one more Picnic run this coming Sunday the 29th! You can bet the Capt's of their Undersea Warfare Group, the "Kraken Division" will be there! If you're in the NY Tri-state area and can hit Bowne Park in Flushing Queens, be there 0900, we'd love to see you.

    I plan to break 4 hours continually submerged at PD...thank goodness for multiple 1900mAh TX battery packs!!

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    v/r "Sub" Ed

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    Looks like a great day of running the boats. About how far from Portland Ct do you think this is? I have family there and should have more time to travel soon.