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Bearings in type VII fittings kit

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  • Bearings in type VII fittings kit

    I hate to seem like such a cry baby, but I'm work the fittings kit for the type VIIC/41. I started to install the bearings in the bearing casting. The bearings supplied look like 1/8 ID but the propellers and propeller shafts are not 1/8? Am I missing something?

    The kit is a great piece of work. Very impressive. I like it.


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    Yes, it's bloody annoying, but the bearing is 1/8" diameter, and the shaft is 3/32"

    There are two small lengths of brass tube in the Fittings Kit, which fit inside the brass bearing to take up that slack.

    I'm still waiting for my two bits from the Wizard. (He who has spent the last week buggering about at some submarine do!)
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      Yep. I see'em. Thanks.



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        yeah, I know, it's a pain, but the smallest inside diameter Oilite bearing I can get is 1/8", that's why the need for the interfacing sleeves between shaft and bearing.

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          we used to use 3/32 in slot cars, should be a source somewhere
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            You might try:


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