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Has the airbrush propellant ballasting system been displaced?

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  • Has the airbrush propellant ballasting system been displaced?

    Seems like everyone is using an air bladder, piston tank, something or other(which I hardly understand) and not the old standby Propel into a copper tank. Has this combination outlived its usefulness? I have 4 different length 3.5'' Sub Drivers that I would like to use in my 61'' USS ILLINOIS, my 78'' fleet boats, and my DeBoer SKIPJACK. Depending on the tank length, will these be adequate enough to raise these big boats or will I need to add some sort of snorkel/pump device to bring them up to waterline? On a different note, I appreciate Dave Merriman with his continued support of the r/c sub community and Bob Martin for keeping these all important forums going as us newbies gain experience, and of course, all the others who freely give advice and suggestions to strangers seeking answers

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    If you already have a propel type ballast system in your WTC, there is no reason not to carry on with it. People in this hobby love to experiment and innovate. I have used several different systems myself, but I must say, for simplicity and reliability, the old propel system can't hardly be beat. Of course the bigger the boat, the bigger the tank, the more propel will be used. So for a really big boat, you will go through a lot of propel.


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      Every system has advantages and disadvantages (which I go through in detail in the RC Submarine Technology page of my website, btw).

      Propel is dead simple and perfect for small boats. The disadvantage is that you run out of gas and can drown the boat if you're not experienced. With other systems, provided you have power, you have ballast, but they typically take up a lot more room and are more complicated to implement.

      I still love the gas boats myself...