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The Definitive VENDORS Thread

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  • The Definitive VENDORS Thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to concentrate some of the superb information and resources we have here in a more easy-to-find format. This thread will remain sticky at the top of the General Modeling forum, along with others of similarly applicable topics. Each will follow a similar format, where members here who have experience can post up preferred sources for materials, services and vendors.

    Remember, we don't care if you use a product, service or vendor. We want to know WHY you recommend them over others you've tried. What are the differentiators of it versus others in the market? While advice regarding products or vendors to stay away from are welcome, disparaging, inflammatory or derogatory comments will be deleted.

    Now... let's see what the experts recommend for VENDORS. Where do you get your gear?:

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    So pretty much all the the places I buy stuff from are material and tool suppliers, with the exception of electronic items for models.

    I wouldn't describe my suppliers as definitive, however I find they supply what I require. I am based in the Uk, so the majority of suppliers are based there.

    Resins and glassfibre supply-

    Bucks Composites, good range of glassfibre cloth, resin and resin additives with special aim at the modeller. Good advice and after sales service
    Easy Composites. Another good supplier of resin and composites. range of lighter weaves of glass cloths a little more limited, but many other products, some of which are exclusive. Great online tutorials and they run their own forum.
    East Coast Glassfibre supplies- great for polyester resins and chopped matt. Also do other resin systems, but their cloth range is more geared towards heavier laminates. Online video demos of their products and some great user guides.


    Mainly tends to be smaller purchases these days as I have most tools I require at my disposal.

    Tracy tools- Family run Devonshire based tool supplier firmly aimed at the model engineering sector. good for drills, milling cutters, taps, dies and reamers.
    Tap and Die company- North London based tap and die supplier, pretty much any tap or die you can think of. Only supply high speed steeltaps and dies, don't ask them for carbon steel, you'll get a polite reminder that they only sell quality items!
    Chronos tools- Hertfordshire based tool company, good for the bigger items, e.g. dividing heads, rotary tables, chucks etc.

    Model electronics-

    Microgyros- Superb brushed motor ESC's, and lovely little levellers. Based in Scotland. Production in hiatus at present, unsure of when (if?) production will recommence. Design and building all done by one man- Michael Stothers.

    Hobbyking- Chinese seller of model kits, electronics, batteries etc. Always been very happy with my purchase from here, some stuff very novel/exclusive. Some people hate their guts. Ebay and Bangood offer some serious competition these days with regards to electronics.

    Bangood- China again. Great for radio, servos, some esc's. Expect long shipping times and bugger all customer service, cut throat pricing.

    Ebay- Worldwide, but many suppliers in China. Superb for cheap servos (SG90 9g servos can be had about 75p each if bought in lots of ten!), seeking out unusual batteries (lithium etc.), c heap air pumps. Caveat emptor, some dodgy customers on here
    DIVE IN! Go on, go on, go on, go on, GO ON!