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The Drydocks Forums - NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS

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  • The Drydocks Forums - NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS

    There has been a lot of unnecessary rants against certain members here lately and I want to be crystal clear as to my position in this matter. As the guy paying the bills and with the key to the gates, this is my position. For anyone new here, take heed. For anyone else, take note.

    Anyone visiting these forums for the first time came into this community from the outside. It's common courtesy to look around, get a lay of the land, understand the personalities at play, and decide if you want to stay.

    I liken it to a bar. Some like a quiet lounge. Some like a club with a packed dance floor and blaring music. You take a step inside, check it out, and decide if you want to stay. You don't walk into the club and complain that the music is too loud, or that they don't serve your favorite drink. You simply find a different bar.

    We welcome all, but don't complain if the music isn't what you're used to. As was mentioned in the offending thread, "adapt or seek shelter". We'd love to have you, but know where you are and who you're dealing with before you start posting. We don't pull punches here often.

    The end.


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    Fair enough, Boss. I'll play nice. If they let me.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"