Subfest 2022 or Bust

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  • Ken_NJ
    • Sep 2014
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    Originally posted by SubDude

    Mike said he thinned down some spot putty with lacquer thinner and brushed/dobbed it on then lightly sanded it to knock off the high points. He didn't even sand the 3D printed hull prior to that.
    So that was you Steve who explained it to me. Good to get it out here to all. I see some more testing, practicing and trail & error on a test-article in my future.

    And yes, big thank you to Bob and Jason for putting this event on!


    • Das Boot
      Rear Admiral
      • Dec 2019
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      Steve, are you going to sub fest this year?
      Of the 40,000 men who served on German submarines, 30,000 never returned.”