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There's a lewd joke in here, but I'll be good....

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  • There's a lewd joke in here, but I'll be good....

    ....regarding the "fit". But I'm trying to be good for those younger adults who visit.


    I finally had time to grind out the all the Bondo that was used as a self forming "saddle" for the original "Small Worlds Models" odd shaped, custom WTC that came with the kit.

    Lot's of dust, I mean LOTS lol. Did it outside with a breeze and still had to remove outer clothing just inside the door per the Admirals SOP (Instead of the aforementioned joke, you can revel in THAT picture!!)

    But as you see, the MSD250 definitely fits! Again great job Dave!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	581_A.jpg
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ID:	141394

    Click image for larger version

Name:	581_B.jpg
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ID:	141395

    Now many know she sat for several months submerged in 2016 after a "Grey Lady down" incident, so I need to redo that paint job.

    I'm thinking of stripping it completely as I once did many years ago with the 591.

    Dave, you had recommended if I were to do that, use oven cleaner if I chose not to sand and risk removing detail.
    Is that still the way to go or is the an alternative chemical process used today?

    Also, I know I had original mentioned sizing for 3C 11.1V Shorty LIPO's but couldn't find one that I thought had enough amp storage, so I went for 2C 7.4V Shorty as the original reason I stick with 12VDC disappears with LiPO care and needs. Bad experience many years ago regarding a 6V system, RX power and current drop.

    So I chose this puppy.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600.jpg
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ID:	141396

    I believe I can actually fit TWO in the 2.25 x 3.66" volume you ended up with, and along with a TWO channel remote A/B switch. Which I can then switch to the Second (B) when the first dies (A).

    Depending on trim, the BLUEBACK may carry just one, but the ALFA could afford two as it has room in the wet-space for additional compensation foam.

    I plant to have this and the ALFA ready for Georgia. Turning them over to "Sub" Eddie who's joining us as they're really his boats! He originally made built them. What a GREAT dad I am!!


    v/r "Sub" Ed

    Silent Service "Cold War" Veteran (The good years!)
    NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.

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    Back when I used to fool around with HO trains, one of the ways I used to strip paint off of a body was using brake fluid. Dot 3, nothing special. It would have to sit for a little bit, but between that and a toothbrush, I could get paint out of all details. And I would guess the bodies were either styrene or ABS, and it never seemed to affect them.
    "It does not take so many words to speak the truth" Chief Joseph