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Nautical Commander

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  • Nautical Commander

    Does anyone still use them?

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    Nope. (Say someone still uses one, so what?) AM modulation, no easy pre-sets to the channels, clunky transmitter stick and slider arrangement .

    Good for paper-weight only.

    What is this post, buzzby, a survey? To what end?

    Resident Luddite


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      Yes. Old tech, solid performer. There are those that collect, but David is correct, to what end are looking at trying to sell and see price or wanting to use it in a sub?
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      If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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        And Yes there are those who convert/have them converted to 2.4 for that "antique" look on period surface boats-there is a market for them , but probably not on RC subs...


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          i don't really know much about it.i purchased it a long time ago for a 1/8 scale hydro i built.looks antiquated compared to todays transmitters.


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            Originally posted by buzzby View Post
            i don't really know much about it.i purchased it a long time ago for a 1/8 scale hydro i built.looks antiquated compared to todays transmitters.
            To be fair: at the time of the Nautical Commanders introduction it was the ideal transmitter for r/c submarines -- particularly the two-stick (two-throttle) layout which lended itself to throttle-stern planes on the left side of the transmitter case. And, we have to keep this in mind, computer radios, back then, with all their taken-for-granted attributes, were just coming on the scene but were very expensive and a mystery to most of us.

            You have a nice collectors item, buzzby. Like the buggy-whip, time and improvements have passed this ground-breaking piece of equipment by.

            Resident Luddite