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Japanese BI I-25 in 1/72

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  • #46
    Originally posted by herrmill View Post
    On a related note, would anyone have clear photos of the midget sub cradle used on the C1 type? My buddy Steve Lund has decided to backdate his I-53 to this earlier version & is looking for reference info.
    Do you mean this midget sub ?
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    • #47
      Thanks Pablo. That sub is in the Australian War museum in Canberra. Would love to get that photo of the midget on the deck of the C1 type. Looks like I will have to do more digging.


      • #48
        You're right, I took these pics a few years ago in the Australian War Museum in Canberra.
        On this pic :
        You can see a pic of the midget sub on the C1 deck. The picture is not really very good but it can give a general idea
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        • #49
          Had a bit of time this week to spend on the boat. Did a little bit of detail work on the hull, painted the hull again with primer (still fixing faults)
          Painted deck, still needs a coat of Dull Coat and made some headway to fixing the sail and catapult to the deck.

          Now that the boat has its basic shape and before I do any fine detail work it is going to go for a swim.

          What I intend to do is trim the boat with just the top of the sail sitting out of the water, then add foam till it is sitting at the correct surfaced water line. That should give me a good indication of how big my ballast tank is going to have to be.

          I will add a bit more than I need to compensate for the different types of FRESH water we have here in South Australia and the weight of any extra details added above the waterline.


          • #50
            Nice work !!!
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            • #51
              Today is the day it got wet. The first thing I had to was put a liner in my 6' X 4' box trailer and fill it with water. It is good as a test tank, big enough to fit most of my surface boats and plenty big enough for my 2 subs. I don't have to bend down to far to put them in the water or take them out when they are full of water(heavy)

              The first part was to get the boat to float with just the sail (conning tower) out of the water. I did this through trial and error and a block of surf board foam

              Now that it is sitting in about the correct height for snorting, I had to find out how big the ballast tank would have to be to get it to sit at the correct surfaced water line.

              Again I used some surf board foam. I cut a block out of the board 12" X 2 1/4" X 2 1/2" and placed it on the balance point or mid section.
              Then through a bit of trial and error I ended up with the block 10" long which seemed to get the boat to a good water line.

              I think this will help workout how big my ballast tank is going to be.
              This is what it looks like with the 10" block in it.

              Any feed back from you guys will be appreciated Very much
              Am I headed in the right direction?


              • #52
                Here's your feed-back:

                (But, first, I must say how truly amazed I am at the speed and quality of your work -- pulling such a great looking scale model submarine out of that horrible POS kit you started with)

                Your methodology, determining the floodible volume of your ballast tank, is spot on. Now, lets see the cylinder or box you're using.
                Resident Luddite


                • #53
                  Before and after shots of the bow? isnt that the main problem with this model


                  • #54
                    Thanks Boss for the encouragement. Now that I know that I am on the correct path, it's on to the next level.

                    And for the master chef who does some fine cooking




                    • #55
                      Nice, that looks great! This will be one nice, very unique boat when done. I like it.


                      • #56
                        Any one want to donate a 3" X 28" WTC. (he says with a smile)


                        • #57
                          And if I did, what would i get out of the deal :)


                          • #58
                            What could I offer to a man who has the world at his fingertips?


                            • #59
                              dunno.... women, wine, slaves etc.

                              Lexan tubes dont grow on trees! LOLz


                              • #60
                                Originally posted by oztruck View Post
                                Any one want to donate a 3" X 28" WTC. (he says with a smile)
                                You cheap *******, you!

                                Buy one of our GATO SD's -- I'll make one with a long ballast tank for you.

                                Resident Luddite