The USN Pacific Submarine Campaign - (Jul'43 - Dec'43)

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  • Albacore 569
    • Sep 2020
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    The USN Pacific Submarine Campaign - (Jul'43 - Dec'43)

    ​Drachinifel is a Naval Historian who puts out excellent video's, all things naval. I cannot recommend him enough. Here is the latest installment one of several ongoing series (one on Nelson and Trafalgar is outstanding), He is also doing a series on the Pacific Allied submarine campaign. Here published a couple of days ago is the latest. the American are startig t get the Problems with he Mk 14 torpedoes worked out and now a new problem, the electric Mk 18. The films in the video show the torpedo tests forensic photos, the correspondence with Lockwood and Blandy, and even in one letter thanking 'Dr Einstein' (the same) for his assistance in the Mk 14 problems. Enjoy. Go to the Drachinifel site & look up the previous installments on the Pacific allied submarine campaign fromt he early dark days on chronologically. The history is deep and emerse. Dive in!
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  • He Who Shall Not Be Named
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    Loved that video, Steve. Thank you so much for posting.
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