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1:32 Torpedo System coming soon.

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  • 1:32 Torpedo System coming soon.

    We will be developing a 1:32 torpedo system in the coming weeks. It will be a pneumatic system using the KMC Torpedo Controller.

    You can get started by buying the basic system which comprises

    1 x LAUNCHER
    1 x 2 Shot MANIFOLD
    1 x VALVE

    $ 365.00

    Additional Equipment

    2 shot MANIFOLD = $40
    4 shot MANIFOLD = $50
    8 shot MANIFOLD = $70
    1 x GAS TANK = $49
    5 x TORPEDOES = $75
    1 x LAUNCHER with Solenoid Valve= $225
    1 x VALVE = $75

    Please reserve your system ASAP as we envisage high demand for these larger systems
    Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!

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    1/64 is close enough to 1/72 not to matter. You're all set.

    You want a MK48? Paint the provided torpedo like a 48 and wrap a tube around the aft-end to look like a pump shroud, blunt the front end, and, for realism, never dare shoot the thing because it costs more than the target!

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    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      Hi Les,

      They don't call this place a cave for nothing... Be it a wizard, a witch or just a grumpy ole bear, you'll read a few gruff lines most times you visit. Don't expect anybody to blow sunshine up from below and don't make more of this than it is. You can get great customer service--happy, cheerful voices--from the Caswell retail store front, but this place is a bit different.

      Buried in David's comments was some good advice about the suitability of 1:72 torpedoes for your desired application.

      You may not know that the D&E 1:72 torpedoes have had a long development cycle and that they have just come to market. Mike Caswell has put David on to the 1:32 version next, but there are still many unfilled needs in 1:72, and there are many 1:96 boats awaiting the power to shoot, too. Hard to say where a 1:64 system would fit in the priority list, but I don't see it nearing the top.

      David is pretty much a one man show, and he has an awful lot on backlog. There are at least two 1:144 polystyrene kits (Type 212, Type 214) and two 1:72 polystyrene kits (Type IIA, Type XXIII) listed on the Caswell site awaiting David's conversion treatment. He's also working fittings for a few GRP (fiberglas) hulls. Add to this several SubDriver WTCs, and you can see that David is a busy man indeed. If I had all that on my plate, I'd be grumpy, too.

      Hope you can find a suitable set-up for your boat. I wouldn't be too worried about the differences in size or appearance between the 1:72 fish and the 1:64. When they're in the water running, you don't see much anyway... (Food for purists... I wonder if the 1:72 wake bubbles are to scale.)

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        I was wondering what the latest is on the 1/32 torpedos is?

        Sane? who knows, who cares?


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          The Wizard has dot a told, and a snotty dose, and he's lost his voice (no cheering please) so we're a week behind or more.

          However, these items are further away than I thought. The Foxtrot has taken it's toll time-wise, and its Fittings Kit is is still a few days away.
          Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!