Keeping That Grease in Ckeck!

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  • Bob Gato
    • Feb 2019
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    Keeping That Grease in Ckeck!

    On my surface boats, most of my stuffing tubes throw a little know that 360 degree thin stripe of blue grease on every thing in the hull that's in line and if I forget while I am running it on the bench- on my shirt!

    So I devised an easily removed shield from a piece of 1/2 " tygon tubing. I happen to have a compression fitting at the end of my stuffing tube which is 1/2" corner to corner of the flats. Although anyone could adapt this to their setup by gluing a 1/2" bushing to the end of the tube. (note- this is a 4mm shaft). A short piece of the vinyl tube is cut to slip over the bushing so it will cover, in my case the wheel collar that acts as a retainer in reverse at the end of the stuffing tube. Then the tube is cut lengthwise so it can be slipped on and off without any disassembly. A dab of hot glue and a zip tie holds everything nicely

    The wheel collar spins with clearance and the tube stops the sling.

    Click image for larger version

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